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This is the first version of a 2005 car shape, inspired by BAR's and Mclaren's 2005 cars.
30-Jul-2006 / 2,034 DLs / 130.0 KB
This car shape was inspired by the Ferrari F2003-GA. With a new flat nose, low side pods, down-curved front wing and T-cam. Requires GPxPatch or Carshape Editor to run.
30-Oct-2003 / tiago_cunha / 1,584 DLs / 130.0 KB
Rocket car for GP3. No known bugs, requires GP3edit1.13 or carshape editor to run it.
18-May-2003 / celmatyller / 1,029 DLs / 95.0 KB
A long nose Dragster. Runs perfectly without any known bugs.
13-Apr-2003 / Team MOD M3 / 918 DLs / 130.0 KB
This carshape is similar to the legendary 1959's F1 champion Cooper-Climax T51, also including new camera positions. Requires carshape editor or GPxPatch.
13-Apr-2003 / tiago_cunha / 1,085 DLs / 59.0 KB
An accurate 2001 Williams FW23 carshape for GP3 (not season 2000), with TV-style camera positions, rear flick-ups, and T-Cam.
21-Sep-2001 / Paul Dobson / 1,138 DLs / 170.0 KB
A 2001 Jordan carshape. Check the screenshot for what it looks like.
24-Jul-2001 / Vladimir Tenjer / 908 DLs / 199.0 KB
An accurate Ferrari F2001 carshape for GP3, featuring curved front wing, drooped nose, T-Cam. Also includes TV style camera positions, new bargeboards and wheel positions. Check the screenshot for more.
14-May-2001 / Paul Dobson / 1,567 DLs / 251.0 KB
The 2001 Arrows by Paddy Newman. It looks fairly realistic (check out the screenshot, 3 more included in the download). Requires the carshape editor (which is available on the utils page).
23-Apr-2001 / Paddy Newman / 956 DLs / 182.0 KB
A 2001 Arrows carshape for Grand Prix 3. Recommended for use with Ralf Hummerich's 2001 carset Arrows texture (available from the "carsets" page). This file requires the carshape editor (available from the "utilities" page). Also includes a new cockpitshape, which is slightly lower than the current Grand Prix 3 cockpit. To insert the cockpit you need CP3Edit (also available from the "utilities" page).
15-Apr-2001 / Pierre Geelen / 1,013 DLs / 237.0 KB
This carshape is probably one of the better 2001 shapes out there. Take a look at the screenshot for what it looks like. Requires any version of the carshape editor, which is available from the utilities page.
08-Apr-2001 / Steve Brown / 1,758 DLs / 227.0 KB
A 2001 Generic carshape for GP3. The shape is based on the Ferrari 2001 car, and has the low nose and wing-endplates. Check out the screenshot for more.
30-Mar-2001 / Luca Cantaluppi / 1,178 DLs / 59.0 KB
This is a generic 2001 carshape. This carshape also contains a T-Cam (on top of the car) that does not come as standard in GP3. This carshape will work with all the teams.
25-Mar-2001 / Alen / 1,461 DLs / 358.0 KB
Updated version of Ferrari f2001 carshape (below), including improved sidepod profiles and swooping front wing.
05-Feb-2001 / Nick Allemagne / 2,226 DLs / 133.0 KB
A ferrari 2001 carshape, as seen at the official launch.
01-Feb-2001 / Nick Allemagne / 1,062 DLs / 59.0 KB
2 Generic 2001 carshapes. One is based on the BAR 003 & Jaguar cars, containing a similar nose to the BAR, and similar sidepods to the Jaguar. The other is based on the 2001 Jordan & Sauber, taking a similar front wing to both of them.

The file also contains a new 2001 helmet shape. File also contains previews to show where the carshape has come from (e.g. Jordan nose etc.).
21-Jan-2001 / Mike Thiele / 1,860 DLs / 120.0 KB
A 1990 generic carshape. Requires the Car Editor to insert into the game. (available from the utils page)
17-Jan-2001 / Martijn Haans / 1,571 DLs / 60.0 KB
A year 2000 carshape that contains a T-CAM & mirrors (not in original game), and also has cockpitshape, helmetshape, wheelshape, and many bug-fixes from the previous version. Recommended.
10-Jan-2001 / Formula1World.net / 2,429 DLs / 192.0 KB
A 2000 Arrows A21 carshape - very realistic! Check out the picture for more.
Also includes correct pullrods instead of pushrods on the suspention system.
08-Jan-2001 / Martijn Haans / 1,141 DLs / 60.0 KB
1996 carshape that contains new helmet shape and new car camera posititioning.
13-Dec-2000 / Dennis Grebe / 1,233 DLs / 63.0 KB
A carshape that is close to one from the 1960's.
02-Dec-2000 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 1,556 DLs / 58.0 KB
1993 generic carshape. 1993 carset soon to come!
02-Dec-2000 / Martijn Haans / 1,288 DLs / 60.0 KB
2000 car-shape containing T-Cam and cockpit mirrors, which do not appear in the original game.
14-Oct-2000 / Formula1World.net / 838 DLs / 60.0 KB
Including car-shapes from various years.
07-Sep-2000 / FerrariF31096 / 1,893 DLs / 530.0 KB
Grand Prix 3 carhape with a thinner nose for extra realism.
03-Sep-2000 / Nathan Bolland / 1,137 DLs / 59.0 KB
Ferrari carshape for Grand Prix 3.
03-Sep-2000 / FerrariF31096 / 752 DLs / 59.0 KB
Toyota 2002 Carshape. Requires carshape editor, also available from this site.
Martti Pietilš / 1,085 DLs / 44.0 KB
A Mclaren 2002 Carshape. Requires car-shape editor also available on this site.
Martti Pietilš / 1,506 DLs / 64.0 KB

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