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A patch for the F1 Challenge 2007 modificiation that converts the mod to English language.
24-Dec-2008 / 8,085 DLs / 11.2 MB
Trackpack for the F1 Challenge 2007 Mod, featuring all the tracks from the 2007 F1 season.
24-Dec-2008 / Iceman / 3,504 DLs / 392.7 MB / SRW+
F1 2007 Modification for F1 Challenge, featuring cars, teams, drivers, physics, and more from the 2007 F1 Season. An english version patch is available here, and a trackpack here.
24-Dec-2008 / Iceman / 3,967 DLs / 169.6 MB / SRW+
A complete modification for F1 Challenge based on the 2002 DTM series. This modification includes all the tracks, cars, textures, drivers and more from the the 2002 DTM Championship.
24-Dec-2008 / German Sim Mod Foundation / 20,706 DLs / 219.8 MB / SRW+
A 1995 season modification for F1 Challenge. Features the 12 cars racing in the end of the season (without Simtek), all 24 drivers, pitcrews and driver overalls of 1995, physics and much more.
20-Oct-2008 / CTDP / 2,894 DLs / 186.1 MB / SRW+
A F1 2003 season modification for F1 Challenge '99-'02, including all the cars, track specs, sounds, physics etc from the 2003 F1 Season.
20-Oct-2008 / CTDP / 3,415 DLs / 197.1 MB / SRW+
A complete modification for F1 Challenge '99-'02 to bring it up to date with the 2004 Formula One season. Includes all cars, physics, sounds, track specifications etc.
20-Oct-2008 / CTDP / 3,187 DLs / 244.0 MB / SRW+
Get ready to relive the Mid 70's Formula 1 in all its glory! Find yourself on the grid surrounded by drivers such as Lauda, Fittipaldi, Andretti, Hunt, Peterson and Jackie Stewart, and race on some of the most breathtaking tracks of this era.

Includes 46 drivers, 25 different cars in various specifications and liveries and 4 different engine manufacturers (Cosworth V8, Ferrari 12B, BRM V12 & Ma.

Check the readme for a full description.
25-Dec-2005 / Team CREW / 11,337 DLs / 594.1 MB
This is a full 2005 season update for F1 Challenge. This modification includes new cars, tracks, no-tyre change rules, new failures, new damage models, new physics and much more. Recommended download.
19-Dec-2005 / CTDP / 15,307 DLs / 428.1 MB / SRW+
M3 Mod update 1.1 for F1 Challenge.
23-Apr-2005 / Team MOD M3 / 7,693 DLs / 3.8 MB
M3 Mod for F1 Challenge. A conversion of the F12002 mod.
23-Apr-2005 / Team MOD M3 / 5,408 DLs / 44.7 MB / SRW+
The complete installation of the Mclaren F1 Sunday Cup Modification. This modification allows you to race with 22 cars around street circuits with minimal set-up options required - ideal for quick, fun online racing.
22-Mar-2004 / ORSPG / 7,985 DLs / 57.2 MB
The ETCC 2003 Mod includes all cars and drivers from the 2003 season of the European Touring Cars Championship (ETCC) and it was designed with the aim of creating the most realistic touring car racing simulation currently possible. All cars have been modeled with great attention to detail with unique cockpits and steering wheels for each car model.
02-Nov-2003 / DrivingItalia.it / 17,094 DLs / 178.2 MB / SRW+

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