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Rear wheel drive versions of all the cars in RBR, and tweaked files to make the suspension derange on impact, to the point where the car may be undriveable.
29-Dec-2008 / rollo / 971 DLs / 660.0 KB
This modification makes the snow and snowbanks in RBR far more like the real thing than the default. The default were far too soft and nothing much happened whilst driving in it. You could take huge cuts and drive next to the road at big speed. I expect to release an updated version when I tune this more. Currently it is still a bit too easy to travel in the snow (one should get stuck most of the time) and when hitting banks head on it does not put up as much resistance as one would desire.
29-Dec-2008 / Mikko / 1,191 DLs / 7.0 KB
A new physics file for the Skoda Fabia.
29-Dec-2008 / dtaker / 711 DLs / 23.0 KB
A new physics file for the Subaru Impreza.
29-Dec-2008 / Kent / 923 DLs / 14.0 KB
A new physics file for the Ford Focus WRC car.
28-Dec-2008 / John Stafford / 886 DLs / 17.0 KB
A new physics file for the Citroen C4 car.
28-Dec-2008 / OasisBC / 1,041 DLs / 183.0 KB
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