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Bob's Track Builder allows you to create tracks using simple mouse clicks to form the underlying track mesh ready to be imported into popular car racing games and raced on against your friends. It takes just minutes to create a track instead of the hundreds of hours in other packages.


* Spline based editing to create the layout.
* Add 3d objects via a simple interface.
* Export to games with the click of a button.
* Complex ripple strips, tyre walls and trees can be added in seconds.

03-Oct-2009 / Bob / 1,203 DLs / -
Allows you to play Richard Burns Rally without the CD in the disk drive. To be used for legal purposes only.
29-Dec-2008 / 14,300 DLs / 1.3 MB
DATtool can be used to extract and repack the DAT files (like audio.dat) from Richard Burns Rally.

DATtool is a command-line application, so it can be easily used to do automated installations. It also supports Windows Explorer "drag and drop" use.

29-Dec-2008 / 6,351 DLs / 21.0 KB
A Plugin for RBR 1.02, that allows to race all stages of a country once in an arbitrary sequence and calculates the sum of all stage times. Car, weather, tyres and setup files can be selected individually for each stage. Best times are loaded and displayed for reference. Saving replays and best times is not supported.
29-Dec-2008 / lowgoods / 1,337 DLs / 84.0 KB
A utility that allows you to race against an opponent online.
29-Dec-2008 / Racer_S / 1,525 DLs / 775.0 KB
A tool that allows you to easily replace cars in Richard Burns Rally.
29-Dec-2008 / STenyaK / 2,299 DLs / 165.0 KB
This fix allows to use zmodeler made cars on systems which crashed while loading such cars. All you need to do is to copy the "z.dll" file in rbr's plugin folder: "...Richard Burns RallyPlugins" The game will recognise and load it automatically at runtime.
29-Dec-2008 / Frank Black / 1,454 DLs / 31.0 KB
A program to manage all your RBR setup files. Use drag & drop to move/copy setup files between a library and the RBR Saved Games folder, automatically renaming them according to the RBR slot convention. Also provides full setup editing functionality, with range checks and default values taken from nominated car physics files. Requires .NET Framework v2.
29-Dec-2008 / CribGoch / 1,819 DLs / 107.0 KB
A small physics creator utility for Richard Burns Rally.
29-Dec-2008 / rueda / 2,125 DLs / 134.0 KB
This tool bypass the car selection menu inside the game by adjusting car, physics and sound before the game is running. There are also a setup/hotlap management, a cam view editor and program launcher included.
29-Dec-2008 / hdi / 1,877 DLs / 627.0 KB
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