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Richard Burns Rally Engine Sounds Pack contains 44 new and updated engine sounds for better realism.
29-Dec-2008 / hdi / 4,416 DLs / 13.4 MB / SRW+
This mod adds the best Subaru Impreza GrN 2006 sounds you can get and adds transmission sound when you play from exterior camera or watch the replays from "cameraman" point of view.
29-Dec-2008 / Sorin.Faur / 1,452 DLs / 1.6 MB
New more accurate bangs, pops, blow off valve, and turbo for your Ford Focus WRC 2006. Included are two versions of bangs.
29-Dec-2008 / Sorin.Faur / 1,045 DLs / 1.7 MB
This is a small Mod replacing the cursor / navigation sounds to less clunky and more pro subtle digital blips. A much better smooth navigation "feel" to it than the original. Replaced Main Menu music to ambient digital intro track (works perfect with the cursor sounds). Replaces Garage music & Prize music.

I took a good while to select the music for this and created the cursor sounds from scratch (I create audio for a living). Try them out and see how you like it, zip contains read me for install (usual dat tool process etc).

29-Dec-2008 / Dondi2008 / 868 DLs / 6.0 MB
Richard Burns Rally Full Audio Upgrade. This is a full sound upgrade. Install should be easy as no original files are required.

What's New:
Lot's of things are new, in fact it's almost too much to mention. Most of the sound files that have anything to do with a WRC car is sampled from the real stuff; WRC cars like Colin Mcrae's old Ford Focus. Petter Solbergs 2007 Subaru, and some from the old Subaru our late Hero and former Champ Richard Burns used. In addition to all the new sounds I've also experimented with alternative ways of using the sounds system in RBR.

29-Dec-2008 / 2re / 2,153 DLs / 58.9 MB / SRW+
Just a few changes. More realistic transmission, turbo, better skid sounds for gravel and tarmac, and better normal sound for gravel. Tweaked audio.ini to make the most of the effects.
29-Dec-2008 / chris / 2,458 DLs / 851.0 KB
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