Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
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This raindrop/windshield mod creates a more realistic rain effect on the windshield. The 2nd version fixes problems with the buffer size and is less opaque to reduce blocking the vision with too many raindrops on some stages and weather conditions.
27-Dec-2008 / BWX / 1,185 DLs / 2.0 KB
This modification positions the in-car drivers view camera where it would be in real life. It also positions the HUD in a way that it shows only the gear selected and the shifting indicator where it should be in real life - on the dash behind the wheel. Experience a more authentic rally experience and notice how the cars look and feel more different than you were previously used to.
27-Dec-2008 / Mikko / 1,937 DLs / 20.0 KB
New camera positions on the bonnet, for left/right hand drive vehicles. Check the screenshot for a preview.
27-Dec-2008 / IvanTheDriver / 866 DLs / 471.0 KB
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