Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Another complete modification from the Simbin guys, this time a complete Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge mod, including brand new tracks, graphics, physics, and more. Highly recommended download.
30-May-2003 / Simbin Development Team / 24,215 DLs / 46.4 MB / SRW+
A 1995 season modification for F1 2002. Features the 12 cars racing in the end of the season (without Simtek), all 24 drivers, pitcrews and driver overalls of 1995, physics and much more.
18-May-2003 / CTDP / 7,869 DLs / 186.1 MB / SRW+
A BMW M3 Challenge Modification for F1 2002, with new cars, tracks, graphics and more.
12-Jan-2003 / Team MOD M3 / 26,205 DLs / 53.6 MB / SRW+
A complete modification for F1 2002, which converts the game into a GT 2002 game.
30-Nov-2002 / Simbin Development Team / 69,098 DLs / 265.5 MB / SRW+
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