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Need for Speed: Shift tyres mod, which modifies the tyre modelling to make them sharper by reducing car oscillations, making steering more direct and precise and much more.
17-May-2010 / juls / 5,370 DLs / 1.6 MB
A beta F1 2009 mod for Need for Speed: Shift, converted from F1 Ligue's rFactor version. Note: - you need to unpack Shift's files in order to use this mod.
13-Mar-2010 / cric / 3,174 DLs / 4.4 MB
Need for Speed: Shift Sun/Lighting mod which changes where the sun appears in the sky to create better realism when racing at dawn, during the day, and at dusk. Only works with the real-life tracks in the game, and not the fictional ones.
10-Nov-2009 / jaketoox / 3,289 DLs / 86.0 KB
Need for Speed: Shift Pro Career Mod, which increases the two lap events to 10 and also increases the number of points and prize money required to reach the next level.
19-Oct-2009 / xupeko / 2,152 DLs / 1.1 MB
Need for Speed: Shift No Bloom mod. This mod adds realism by removing the bloom effect from the game, improving contrast and sharpness whilst keeping the HDR effect enabled. Check the screenshots for before and after previews.
07-Oct-2009 / YodaStar / 3,532 DLs / 179.0 KB
Need for Speed: Shift Realism Mod. This mod includes improvements from other mods, and improves the realism of damage, cameras, physics; making the cars slide less, reduces AI aggresiveness, track surface corrections and more.

Most Shift mods require QuickBMS file unpacker (available from the utilities page).

05-Oct-2009 / Dario Morelli / 17,100 DLs / 950.0 KB
Double Laps Mod for Need for Speed: Shift. This mod doubles the number of laps for all races except endurance, driver duel and time attack.
03-Oct-2009 / Anach / 1,716 DLs / 2.3 MB
No Start Lights Mod for Need for Speed: Shift. This mod removes the large on-screen starting lights prior to race start.
03-Oct-2009 / Anach / 1,438 DLs / 128.0 KB
No Black and White Crash Efffect Mod for Need for Speed: Shift. This mod removes the black and white effect when you crash the car.
03-Oct-2009 / Anach / 2,388 DLs / 112.0 KB
Need for Speed: Shift AI aggression mod. This mod reduces the level of AI aggression to 55%, allowing for much cleaner racing.

Most Shift mods require QuickBMS file unpacker (available from the utilities page).

02-Oct-2009 / Tobias Kluge / 2,623 DLs / 164.0 KB

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