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Need for Speed Shift camera control utility, allowing you to edit the game's camera positions and FOV settings in real time, also adds unofficial TrackIR support to the game. Requires v.1.1 of Shift.
25-Dec-2009 / Racer_S / 1,918 DLs / 137.0 KB
NFS Shift Injector utility that allows you to inject modded files into a regular, still packed, install of NFS Shift. It goes through all the BFF archives to check dependancies, and replace each instance of the modded files in the BFF archives. See the readme for detailed usage instructions.
03-Oct-2009 / juls / 1,372 DLs / 129.0 KB
QuickBMS file unpacker is required to install many of the Need for Speed: Shift mods, as it unpacks and re-packs game files. Support on using the utility can be found here.
02-Oct-2009 / 3,959 DLs / 304.0 KB
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