Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
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Racing Rivals for iRacing allows you to compare your statistics against other drivers with leaderboards etc. It displays the following information: -

* Who are the drivers that have never beaten me / Iíve never beatenÖ. ever!
* Who are the top ranked drivers in my friends / studied lists?
* Show me ALL the races where Iíve raced driver X!
* How often do I finish better than my iRating determined car number?
* What is my longest running streak of incident free races?
* Who are my closest matched rivals in the entire iRacing.com service?
* And many more!

11-May-2010 / Sam Hazim / 998 DLs / 4.3 MB
iRacing Speed Display Utility, which allows you to display information about lap times, speeds etc on a second screen, or on the same screen if you play iRacing in windowed mode. There are in-depth installation instructions available from the official website.
08-Nov-2009 / Nessoft / 1,040 DLs / 723.0 KB
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TOCA Race Driver 3 Car