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Porsche Supercup 2007 mod for GTR Evolution, allowing you to race cars from the 2007 season of the series.
04-Apr-2010 / Gunthar Rowe aka KampferAs / 7,602 DLs / 51.7 MB / SRW+
MMG F1 2007 League Edition mod for GTR Evolution, including all teams and drivers from the F1 2007 season which has been built from the ground-up to create a high quality mod.
02-Apr-2010 / MMG / 8,077 DLs / 157.6 MB / SRW+
Porsche Supercup mod for GTR Evolution, allowing you to race in the cars from the Formula One support series.
13-Mar-2010 / ZeZeZoom and kiwisteve / 4,759 DLs / 43.6 MB / SRW+
FIA GT 2008 Mod for GTR Evolution. This mod allows you to race all of the GT1 and GT2 cars from the 2008 FIA GT Season. The mod also includes talent files, helmets, correct driver overalls and much more.
09-Jan-2010 / zand / 9,529 DLs / 113.8 MB / SRW+
F1 1993 F3000 Car Livery Pack for GTR Evolution, which turns the Formula 3000 cars into F1 cars from 1993, painted on the same base car. Includes talent files.
07-Dec-2009 / Drees / 3,836 DLs / 32.7 MB / SRW+
Seat Leon Supercopa Mod for GTR Evolution. Allows you to race in the UK and Hungary in various skinned cars with the same performance and physics.
16-Aug-2009 / susanthedeath / 2,733 DLs / 45.0 MB / SRW+
A BTCC 2009 Mod for GTR Evolution featuring most of the cars from the 2009 season.
13-Aug-2009 / pashok33 / 4,055 DLs / 70.6 MB / SRW+
Escort V8 Challenge 2009 Mod for GTR Evolution. Allows you to race 27 different skinned Ford Escort V8 cars in GTR Evolution.
09-Jun-2009 / Prez / 3,685 DLs / 55.4 MB / SRW+
DTM 2007-2008 GTR Evolution Modification. This mod includes all the teams and drivers from the 2007 DTM season, and includes wet weather tyres & working windscreens. Also included within the download is a 2008 season car livery pack.
31-May-2009 / FVRFactor Mod Team / 7,700 DLs / 103.6 MB / SRW+
A v1.31 patch for the GTL Mod for GTR Evolution Mod, updating it to version 1.31. For a full list of updates please see the readme.
30-May-2009 / Mojo66 / 5,947 DLs / 17.2 MB / SRW+
This patch allows you to use the F1 2005 modification for RACE 07 in GTR Evolution.

If you already have the mod for RACE 07 installed, you simply need to copy the patch into the main RACE 07 directory. If not, you will need to make sure you download the original modification first, which is available from here.

25-May-2009 / Mojo66 / 3,934 DLs / 986.0 KB
A patch for the DTM 2007-2008 GTR Evolution Modification, fixing various bugs with the mod. You must have the original mod installed in order to use this file!
07-May-2009 / FVRFactor Mod Team / 2,556 DLs / 871.0 KB
F1 2009 modification for GTR Evolution, converted from the rFactor mod. Although it has had limited development time, and there are generic elements to the mod, this allows you to race the 2009 style F1 cars just as the season begins. As it has been made by a league, all cars have equal physics to allow for equal racing.
03-May-2009 / PO911 / 14,180 DLs / 282.5 MB / SRW+
FVR V8 2009 Modification for GTR Evolution, bringing the Australian V7 super car series to GTR Evolution. The mod includes the Ford Falcon & Holden Commodore cars, as well as working windscreens, wet weather tyres, physics, sounds and more.
19-Apr-2009 / FVRFactor Mod Team / 3,658 DLs / 52.6 MB / SRW+
GTR 2 for GTR Evolution Modification, bringing all the cars from GTR 2 to GTR Evolution. This mod combines the GT and GTRnGT mods into one overall mod.

Features include: - original GTR2 physics, all cars GT, NGT and 24H in one package, full working wipers, offline and online stability, FP driver hands in cockpit (original GTR2), full working MoTeCs, some improvement; reworked ClassID and ModelID structure, more space for new cars and MODs, moved car configurations to CAR files for easy change physics, reworked windows, now can see windows from inside car, new folder structure, icons for running in Race07 included.

Important: Ensure you have deleted any versions of GT and GTRnGT mods you have installed before installing this one!

21-Mar-2009 / Petrs73 / 10,067 DLs / 325.0 MB / SRW+
FVR08 V8 Supercar Mod for GTR Evolution, converted over from rFactor and modified to work well with GTR Evolution. Includes all 29 cars from the 2008 season, as well as working wiper blades, wet tyres, advanced physics model and much more.
23-Feb-2009 / FVRFactor Mod Team / 2,346 DLs / 39.5 MB / SRW+
Stock Car Light Modification for GTR Evolution, originally designed for rFactor, this mod allows you to race one car in several liveries as if it were in the Brazillian stock car series.
21-Feb-2009 / BRDev / 3,467 DLs / 75.3 MB / SRW+
A Ford Escort modification for GTR Evolution, containing 34 different cars, including physics and working wiper blades.
05-Jan-2009 / Prez / 2,689 DLs / 64.7 MB / SRW+
TVR Cerbera Cup version 0.9 converted for GTR Evolution. Contains 38 TVR Cerbera race cars for racing in GTR Evolution. This mod is not computer intensive and therefore you should be able to run a full field on older computers with no slowdown.
05-Jan-2009 / scca1981 / 2,516 DLs / 19.6 MB / SRW+
The Saleen Mustang SE Cup Modification for GTR Evolution. Contains new liveries, physics, cockpits and cubemaps. The mod has its own class in GTR Evolution.
05-Jan-2009 / scca1981 / 3,623 DLs / 24.5 MB / SRW+
A BMW M3 Challenge Modification for GTR Evolution, allowing you to race BMW M3 E92 cars.
24-Dec-2008 / Blimey Games / 5,967 DLs / 34.0 MB / SRW+
A patch for the GTL Mod for GTR Evolution Mod, updating it to version 1.2. For a full list of updates please see the readme.
23-Dec-2008 / Mojo66 / 2,701 DLs / 17.1 MB / SRW+
The GTR2nGT mod for GTR Evolution contains all NGT cars of the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT seasons, including: Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari 360 GTC, Nissan 350Z, Porsche 996 GT3 RS, Porsche 996 GT3 RSR, TVR T400R. These cars all have their own physics and working wiper blades.

If you use the Steam version of GTR Evolution, install the files in the \steamapps\*YOURPROFILE*\Race 07″ directory.

23-Dec-2008 / Jraid / 4,235 DLs / 137.9 MB / SRW+
This mod includes all the cars from the GT Legends game to GTR Evolution, and includes working wiper blades, tyre models, and more. See the readme for a full list of cars included.
23-Dec-2008 / Mojo66 / 13,392 DLs / 353.4 MB
F1 2008 Modification for GTR Evolution. This is the F1RFT 2008 mod for rFactor/GTR 2 ported by Po911 and Tnor. It includes cars, drivers, physics and sounds from the 2008 Formula One season.

Whilst not at the same quality as MMG or CTDP this file at least allows GTR Evolution users to play the F1 2008 season.

23-Dec-2008 / RFT / 5,286 DLs / 178.2 MB / SRW+
Conversion mod of GTR2s GT class to GTR Evolution, allowing you to race all the GT cars from the 2003 and 2004 seasons including the Ferrari 550 Maranello, Ferrari 575 GTC, Chevrolet Corvette C5R, Chrysler Viper GTS-R, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lister Storm, Maserati MC12, Porsche 993 GT2, and Saleen S7.
20-Oct-2008 / Petrs73 / 4,637 DLs / 193.9 MB / SRW+

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