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A totally revised Monaco track.
30-Oct-2003 / Lepton / 808 DLs / 585.0 KB
The Macau East Asian Street Track, a combination of long fast straights and sharply twisting corners. Update with a wider and easier hairpin bend.
06-Apr-2003 / Schubert Cardozo / 2,430 DLs / 1011.0 KB
A street circuit with an combination of long, fast straights and sharp twisty corners, recognised as one of the most demanding circuits in the world. Length: 3.8 miles (6.2 km), Minimum width: 22.8 feet (7 m), Downforce: High, Bumpiness : High, Tyre Wear : High
06-Oct-2002 / Schubert Cardozo / 1,017 DLs / 275.0 KB
This must be downloaded if you are downloading the night track pack on this page. This fixes an installation bug.
01-Jan-2002 / Flo / 766 DLs / 127.0 KB
The complete Night Track pack by Thomas Stuhrmann & Karl Saunders contains 17 tracks that can be raced at night. The track pack includes Adelaide, Daytona, Detroit, Eurospeedway, Houston, Las Vegas, LeMans, Long Beach, Monaco, Monterrey, Paris, ParkLane, Patagonia, Phoenix, Surfers Paradise, Toronto, & Vancouver. This pack contains an easy installation wizard to get these tracks into GP3-2000. Recommended download. Important - Please download the Night Track Fix also on this page.
01-Jan-2002 / Thomas Stuhrmann & Karl Saunde / 1,368 DLs / 20.8 MB
A fantasy track-pack with 17 of the best fantasy tracks, including Bern Bremgarten, Goodwood, Bern Grauholz etc. Also includes an automatic installation program.
16-Dec-2001 / Grand-Prix-3.de / 2,225 DLs / 20.1 MB
This file requires GPxPatch v.2.01 (available from this site), and it will only work with GP3-2000. This track-pack contains all the tracks from the 2001 grand-prix season, accurately recreated. v.3.1 contains improvements, and the authors claim it is much harder to win.
14-Oct-2001 / Carsten Burgel and Ricardo / 1,420 DLs / 3.4 MB
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