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A text peformance editor.
21-May-2002 / Luca Cantaluppi / 1,089 DLs / 351.0 KB
Allows you to edit the computer-controlled (CC) car's setups. Works in GP3-2000 & GP3 v.1.13.
09-Mar-2002 / Alessandro Carrera / 1,123 DLs / 323.0 KB
Set Manager for GP3-2000.
28-Jan-2002 / Luca Cantaluppi / 1,252 DLs / 854.0 KB
This is a little tool to convert the magicdata files (.md) from GP3 into new magicdata files (.md2) for GP3 Season 2000. It works under Windows and has also multiple selection. It does not only convert the files 1:1, it is also adjusting the parameters to the GP3 Season 2000 values. Insert the new files into the track.dat files with CMagic2000 by Marc Aarts and use GPxPatch by Rene´ Smit to run the game. Now you are able to choose any trackorder and you will get the same track performance in every slot. All the old GP3 tracks will run under GP3 Season 2000. The magicdatas contain a lot of information for the track and opponents (CC´s).
10-Nov-2001 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 976 DLs / 21.0 KB
Must Have GPxPatch Version 2.02 or higher installed.

Package Contents:
101 car-liveries, including normal cars, nontobacco cars, all special car versions we have seen during this season (e.g. in Monza, Indianapolis). The very most changes in car-designs are included too (lots of Jaguars and Minardis etc.)
21 cockpit-liveries
145 pitcrew and jackmen-graphics
15 different helmet-files
17 different performance files with driver- and team-names
2 tyre types [Bridgestone and Michelin-tyre graphics]

Together with GPxPatch 2.02 this set provides single car sets performance-data and driver/team-name data for each track with only one installation. That means you don't have to install a new car set when you want to enter a "non-tobacco"-track. You just select the track you want to drive on and GPxPatch loads the right cars and data for this track automatically.
The performance data are very close to the real season 2001 qualifying and race-results so you can play your part in the last Formula 1 season.
All changes of drivers (Frentzen <-> Alesi, Frentzen <-> Zonta, Burti <-> Mazzacane etc.) are already included and will happen where they really happened in real F1. You don't need to change anything yourself in your game for that.
It DOES supports common championship seasons with GP3's championship mode. All driver-changes and performances will be where they were in the real 2001 season, e.g. Zonta in Montral and Hockenheim instead of Frentzen. Yoong for Marques for Monza, Indianapolis and Suzuka etc. For the limitations in using championship-season-mode please refer to the FAQs.
29-Oct-2001 / Ralph Hummerich / 2,664 DLs / -
This program allows users to view the wear of their tyres after the race / qualifying session etc. GP3 does not allow you to do this, but this program fills that gap.
23-Oct-2001 / Yuri Kuznetsov / 879 DLs / 144.0 KB
Editor for GP3 'hardware' (16bit) JAM (texture) files.
20-Aug-2001 / Marc Aarts / 1,678 DLs / 261.0 KB
With this editor you can edit teams, performances, driving aids, points table in GP3 2000
19-Aug-2001 / Marc Aarts / 3,733 DLs / 214.0 KB
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