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Map Graphic Utility for GTR2, which adds a map to the on-screen display showing the positions of other cars on the track, as well as various other items of telemetry.
04-Apr-2010 / fazerbox / 2,667 DLs / 1.3 MB
The XD HUD utility adds lots of on-screen information to racing sims such as temperatures, wear and advanced timing information. The on-screen display can be customized to your preferences.
08-Oct-2009 / Yako / 1,447 DLs / 132.0 KB
This utility allows you to make the picture on your screen brighter and more realistic. At night the effects are darker, but the headlights appear lighter and more powerful. To turn on the effect you just have to press shift+F12 while in game.
03-Oct-2009 / bozuzu / 2,049 DLs / 1.0 MB
Bob's Track Builder allows you to create tracks using simple mouse clicks to form the underlying track mesh ready to be imported into popular car racing games and raced on against your friends. It takes just minutes to create a track instead of the hundreds of hours in other packages.


* Spline based editing to create the layout.
* Add 3d objects via a simple interface.
* Export to games with the click of a button.
* Complex ripple strips, tyre walls and trees can be added in seconds.

13-Sep-2009 / Bob / 1,292 DLs / -
This file is a fix that restores online functionality to gamers trying to connect to the GTR 2 online lobby system.
24-Aug-2009 / Simbin / 2,832 DLs / 300.0 KB
More realistic force feedback settings for GTR 2, for Logitech G25 steering wheel users.
13-Aug-2009 / freejrs / 1,446 DLs / 1.0 KB
Updated Cubemaps for GTR 2 gives the cars a hugely improved look.
14-Jul-2009 / BariCZ / 1,235 DLs / 13.1 MB
Lapstats is a small piece of software that will let you compare your laptimes with reference times, just like GTR2 Rank, but Lapstats is bigger. I have divided a large group of cars (including WSGT and FIA 2006) into classes ranging from GT1 to GT5 and have found reference times by these.

The data Lapstats uses can be easily modified to fit your custom needs. For now only reference times for the original GTR2 tracks are included, but later editions will have more tracks.

25-May-2009 / stevy99 / 811 DLs / 214.0 KB
Motec Add DX tool for GTR 2. Displays lots of useful information on a HUD display in-game.
Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found here.
A video of it in use can also be found here.
23-Mar-2009 / Alekhine / 2,404 DLs / 3.7 MB
This is a no cd patch for GTR 2, allowing you to run the game without the CD in the drive. This patch only works with version 1.1 of the game, and should be used for legal purposes only.
06-Feb-2007 / Reloaded / 32,336 DLs / 5.9 MB
This utility allows you to select and enable and disable a list of cars that you wish to race with. It also offers the ability to save selected lists.
24-Oct-2006 / Vince Klortho / 2,587 DLs / 123.0 KB
Allows you to unlock all tracks in GTR 2. Extract file to root GTR 2 Dir.
24-Oct-2006 / 15,150 DLs / -
This allows you to unlock all custom cups in GTR 2.
24-Oct-2006 / NwAI352 / 3,542 DLs / 44.0 KB
This utility allows you to convert add-on GT Legends tracks to GTR 2.
24-Oct-2006 / Jogi / 3,192 DLs / 175.0 KB
This tool enables MS Excel users to edit the career.blt file and obtain game statistics in terms of number of laps, times and even distances completed for each track and car.
24-Oct-2006 / Francesko / 1,242 DLs / 80.0 KB
This tool allows you to monitor the status of your car on an additional monitor or computer over LAN. You can also see your friend's data if you are playing over the Internet. Check the readme for a full description, as well as the screenshot for a preview.
08-Oct-2006 / [NFBS]Nye / 3,046 DLs / 176.0 KB

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