Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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A simpler sun graphic, with less rays and glare.
06-Feb-2007 / Rich_A / 1,012 DLs / 70.0 KB
As the title suggests - double the amount of raindrops when it rains!
06-Feb-2007 / Rich_A / 1,007 DLs / 995.0 KB
This file makes the sparks in-game look smaller and less "blobby".
06-Feb-2007 / Rich_A / 985 DLs / -
A track conversion tutorial for those wishing to convert tracks between rFactor/GTL/GTR/GTR2. PDF Format.
19-Nov-2006 / RacerM / 1,982 DLs / 61.0 KB
A comprehensive beginner's guide describing how to understand and use the Motec telemetry software included in GTR 2. PDF Format.
08-Oct-2006 / Daniel Roberts / 11,795 DLs / 3.9 MB
This is an unofficial GTR 2 "realism" patch for those who believe that GTR 2 contains too much grip. This reduces the grip values by altering various aspects of the game.

It is recommended to make a backup/second install of the game as you will incur a mismatch if you wish to play online after this patch. Extract files into the main GTR 2 game directory.

08-Oct-2006 / Vidot.J / 1,429 DLs / 480.0 KB
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