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Allows track file checksums to be updated. Therefore, modified tracks can now be validated for use with f1gp/wc.
13-May-2001 / Larry Watson / 980 DLs / 8.0 KB
A program to read it in the structures of the F1gp/wc track files, and output it to a text file.
13-May-2001 / 1,216 DLs / 16.0 KB
Modifies your system files so that F1GP will run in Windows 95/98. Use this if you are not happy about editing your system files. More details about the Windows memory problems are here.
16-Mar-2000 / James Fowler / 3,592 DLs / 21.0 KB
Patches the copy protection to accept any word. I recommend using Copy Protection Remover instead.
1,368 DLs / 1.0 KB
Speeds up screen fade speed, removes the manual protection, and enables unlimited Q tyres. If you only want to remove copy protection then I recommend using Copy Protection Remover.
1,581 DLs / 11.0 KB
Windows program for GPCSetup and GPBhp.
Tony Sime / 1,542 DLs / 51.0 KB
This tool allows the modification of grid positions within a saved game file.
Trevor Kellaway / 1,496 DLs / 11.0 KB
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