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Chequered Flag is an open-source editor for Formula One Grand Prix/World Circuit (F1GP/WC). At present, it provides facilities for track editing, although more comprehensive modification facilities can be expected in the future. This is the binary release, the source release can be found on the Chequered Flag homepage if required.
23-Dec-2006 / Chequered Flag Development Team / 2,424 DLs / 100.0 KB
An updated version of the best available track editor for F1GP/WC to date (26th of March, 2005)
26-Mar-2005 / 1,510 DLs / 445.0 KB
A DOS utility, which makes it possible to edit the track or pitlane layout, the commands, the CC-line segments and the header of an existing track file. Includes C source code.
01-Oct-2002 / Kristof Kaly-Kullai / 2,267 DLs / 108.0 KB
Backgrnd is a utility for changing track horizon backgrounds for F1GP/WC.
13-Dec-2000 / David Rehor (D.R Racer) / 808 DLs / 48.0 KB
GP1 Lap Edit is a lap editor for Grand Prix 1. With this tool you can change the number of laps in a 100% race between 3 and 127 laps. This tool is written in Visual C++ and you don't need any runtime files!
31-May-2000 / Viktor Gars / 2,010 DLs / 103.0 KB
This tool allows you to modify the helmet designs on the Driver Selection menu. It is DOS based program that is very time consuming a tricky to use. However it the only program we current have that enables you to edit the menu helmets.
08-Jan-2000 / Craig Heath / 2,149 DLs / 28.0 KB
Windows program for editing pit crew's clothes, driver's names, driver's helmets, team performance and car colours.
12-Nov-1999 / Steve Smith / 7,622 DLs / 112.0 KB
Horsepower and skills editor for F1GP v1.05. Untested on other versions of F1GP.
21-Feb-1999 / Jose Silv / 1,773 DLs / 91.0 KB
Completely removes the copy protection/codes for the game. DISCLAIMER : You may only use this program if you are the legal owner of the game - you may not use it to make illegal copies of the game for distribution.
28-Dec-1998 / Marc Aarts / 8,181 DLs / 5.0 KB
Editor for cars, drivers, etc. Like F1Ed.
Trevor Kellaway / 4,838 DLs / 139.0 KB
11. Qtyres
A patch to change the way the game handles Q tyres.
Trevor Kellaway / 747 DLs / 8.0 KB
12. CCPit
Patch that modifies the pit stop strategy for the computer cars. This will only work on races of 75% race distance and longer.
Trevor Kellaway / 1,601 DLs / 8.0 KB
Adjust the race setup of the computer controlled (CC) cars.
Dave Gymer / 1,524 DLs / 13.0 KB
DOS Editor for cars, drivers, etc (now rather outdated).
Volker Busch / 933 DLs / 41.0 KB
This utility gives you super grip tyres. Doesn't work in Qualifying, Practice or a Wet Race.
768 DLs / 1.0 KB
16. Cmap
This program takes the .CAR and .HEL files saved by GPEditor and turns them into small transparent GIF images suitable for inclusion on web sites.
670 DLs / 10.0 KB
17. GpWet
Allows the probability of a wet race occurring to be adjusted from the default of 6.25% to anywhere between 0% and 100%.
Trevor Kellaway / 1,411 DLs / 19.0 KB
18. GpFPS
Adjusts the frames per second rate of the graphics engine beyond the 25 FPS available using the game menus.
1,228 DLs / 10.0 KB
This tool changes the external camera angles and zoom factors.
728 DLs / 11.0 KB
Modifies the engine power of the player's car, and the tyre grip of the computer cars.
Trevor Kellaway / 849 DLs / 20.0 KB
This tool changes the probability of either damage to the car occuring, or the engine stalling, when any car (be it the players or a computer car) hits a wall or another car.
830 DLs / 12.0 KB
Modifies the behaviour of the race marshals. Set how long it takes for them to start waving yellow flags, and to remove a crashed car.
Trevor Kellaway / 787 DLs / 20.0 KB

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