Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
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Alpine A364 Formula 3 car for rFactor.
17-Jan-2012 / Pixsim / 703 DLs / 43.0 MB / SRW+
Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 touring car (beta) for rFactor. The car comes with a variety of liveries, real and semi-fictional.
07-Sep-2009 / Gonzo-kool / 1,268 DLs / 105.7 MB / SRW+
Toyota Supra MKIV for rFactor. This car features a turbo and non-turbo version, as well as massively upgraded graphics and details. The car also comes with its own damage model.
01-Sep-2009 / Some1 and Niels_at_home / 1,884 DLs / 34.2 MB / SRW+
A Carribean Racing Series fictional cup for the Porsche Carrera Cup 2007 Mod.
14-Jul-2009 / CIRS / 754 DLs / 38.1 MB / SRW+
Ford Mondeo RS DTM car for rFactor in various different liveries.
12-Apr-2009 / Questnl / 1,416 DLs / 29.7 MB / SRW+
Corvette C6R car for rFactor. Originally a commercial project, this mod has now been released for free and the car includes many different liveries as well as a detailed cockpit.
12-Apr-2009 / Team Players / 1,299 DLs / 82.3 MB / SRW+
Ferrari F2008 car for rFactor, including high and low-resolution versions, physics, and sounds. All created from scratch in a self-installing file.
24-Dec-2008 / FoxSchumacher / 1,388 DLs / 64.3 MB / SRW+
Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI for rFactor. The car includes many different skins, rims, and other customizable features.
23-Dec-2008 / Alexandr Balanesko, Hermmie / 1,802 DLs / 33.3 MB / SRW+
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