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EuroKart-Sim mod for rFactor, a Karting mod.
06-Feb-2010 / Eurokart Sim Development Team / 2,994 DLs / 54.0 MB / SRW+
A patch for the BR Kart Modification for rFactor, updating it to version 1.1. Ensure you have the original mod installed in order to use this file.
07-May-2009 / Brazil Developments Mod Team / 1,682 DLs / 93.6 MB / SRW+
BR Kart Modification for rFactor, allowing you to race 99 Karts split into two different types (100cc and 125cc). You can choose different engines and tyres for your Kart, which alters the handling and physics.
10-Apr-2009 / Brazil Developments Mod Team / 3,906 DLs / 221.2 MB / SRW+
After a year in development, EnduRacers and Epsilon Euskadi proudly present to you the Epsilon Euskadi Mod for rFactor. Enjoy the best endurance racing experience ever seen, driving the first Spanish prototype ever built; the P1 prototype powered by a 650HP Judd engine and an advanced aero design. Includes CAD built models, realistic physics and new sounds.
07-Mar-2009 / EnduRacers / 1,487 DLs / 163.9 MB / SRW+
An off road racing dirt rally modification for rFactor.
20-Oct-2008 / Madcowie and Mark Mechanic / 2,510 DLs / 85.7 MB / SRW+
Superkart Challenge v.2.0 Full Modification for rFactor. Rapidshare Link.
25-Mar-2006 / SlimJim / 8,346 DLs / 36.6 MB
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TOCA Race Driver 3 Car