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The rfDynHUD rFactor HUD Edit Utility allows you to customize and modify on-screen information to your preferences. Click "more information" for detailed instructions on how to use.
30-Jan-2012 / CTDP / 4,650 DLs / 6.4 MB
rF_HighVoltage rFactor Utility, which properly simulates Formula Oneís KERS & DRS technologies.
22-Jan-2012 / KIKONI & ACHIM / 802 DLs / 700.0 KB
This Plugin shows a track map in rFactor, allowing you to see where you and your opponents are on track.
04-Apr-2010 / fazerbox / 5,451 DLs / 565.0 KB
A link to official rFactor Developer's tools which allow developers the ability to create many files and add-ons for the game.
25-Dec-2009 / ISI / 2,233 DLs / -
The XD HUD utility adds lots of on-screen information to racing sims such as temperatures, wear and advanced timing information. The on-screen display can be customized to your preferences.
08-Oct-2009 / Yako / 3,263 DLs / 132.0 KB
A server side utility for rFactor that automatically monitors cutting of corners in online racers.
06-Sep-2009 / Knarf / 1,282 DLs / 5.6 MB
Bob's Track Builder allows you to create tracks using simple mouse clicks to form the underlying track mesh ready to be imported into popular car racing games and raced on against your friends. It takes just minutes to create a track instead of the hundreds of hours in other packages.


* Spline based editing to create the layout.
* Add 3d objects via a simple interface.
* Export to games with the click of a button.
* Complex ripple strips, tyre walls and trees can be added in seconds.

02-Sep-2009 / Bob / 3,174 DLs / -
rFactor HotLaps is a program that runs as a Windows Service on any PC running rFactor Game Servers or in fact on any PC running rFactor. It records the top 100 lap times for all rFactor Mods and Tracks then presents the results as a Web page.
10-Apr-2009 / PTRKennyVette / 1,549 DLs / 15.7 MB
Motec Add DX tool for rFactor. Displays lots of useful information on a HUD display in-game.
Detailed instructions on how to use it can be found here.
A video of it in use can also be found here.
23-Mar-2009 / Alekhine / 4,069 DLs / 7.4 MB
The Modern Showroom utility for rFactor replaces the dull standard showroom with one that looks more exciting.
08-Feb-2009 / Maciex / 1,788 DLs / 17.6 MB
This is an attempt to fix an incompatibility that causes very low FPS in rFactor when using many NVIDIA cards (most common on the 8800 series). The problem is caused by the way that these cards allocate memory for vertex buffers.

Quite a few people have been using this fix for a while, and it seems to produce between a 50% to 100% improvement in FPS, especially at the back of the grid. For unknown reasons, however, certain people are not affected by this problem and actually see reduced performance with this file. Your mileage may vary. Please also note that a few people with ATI cards have reported an improvement.

Finally, this also appears to work in at least some other games based on ISIís engine, including GTR2.

20-Oct-2008 / Wombat778 / 3,248 DLs / 37.0 KB
This is a small tool which makes it easier to add seasons to rFactor. You can set your own tracks, cars for the championship-mode. You can add a varius number of random tracks to the season (so far you have them installed). New seasons will be saved without having missmatches if you play online.


* Create/manage your seasons in rFactor
* Choose tracks or use random tracks for your seasons
* Option to edit pointsystem
* Choose the safetycar you like for your season
* Wizard for easy addon-season-creating
* Auto-update function for keeping the tool up-to-date

10-Apr-2008 / CTDP / 6,975 DLs / 854.0 KB

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