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rFactor update patch v1250. This update contains several new features and improvements, including a spotter for oval racing, more dynamic drafting calculations, better caution period handling, a forced cockpit option, and improved driver swap functionality. Also included are various bug fixes and expanded options for modders. Requires v1150 patch - also available on this site.
01-Feb-2007 / ISI / 22,686 DLs / 12.2 MB
This is an official rFactor Update "patch". Required to run all the latest mods and includes many major and minor changes to the original game-code. Please check the readme for a full list of updates.
02-Aug-2006 / Image Space Inc. / 40,258 DLs / 672.0 MB
This patch updates the game to version 1070 (v1070). This release will update versions 1040, 1048 and the original 1020. If the update software reports it can not find the orignal version, copy this update to your root rFactor directory and try again. Before installing any update, we recommend you revert any original files that you modified to the prior version.
24-Mar-2006 / ISI / 12,441 DLs / 107.6 MB
An patch for rFactor, updating the game to version 1.040. Please check the readme for a full list of patch fixes.
06-Nov-2005 / Image Space Inc. / 4,251 DLs / 20.2 MB
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