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This file is identical to the latest ENGLISH.TC file in that it allows access to the streamliners and produces a time grid at the end of scenarios. Just unzip it and drop it into the FRONTLIBDATA directory. This assumes that the player has selected German as his/her language for the game, of course.
20-May-2003 / 1,324 DLs / 125.0 KB
The latest ENGLISH.TC file along with a modest README. It's primarily of interest to those who have already downloaded the streamliners. Any questions, just shout! ;)
23-Apr-2003 / 1,524 DLs / 127.0 KB
This file is a streamliner files that Broadsword developed but never finished. They were finally released to us and have been cleaned up a bit. You must read the "read me" file before installing.
07-Dec-2002 / 3,280 DLs / 7.6 MB
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