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ZaZ tools for Grand Prix 4. A collection of some of the most important tools required to update the game (including updating the cars and tracks). It includes Car Set Manager (CSM) v1.26 Beta, Track Set Manager (TSM), Slimtex and Easywad. Note: avast! anti virus incorrectly reports that this file contains the "ZAZ Trojan horse" virus due to the similarity of the file names. This file is free from viruses.
10-Sep-2009 / ZaZ / 11,363 DLs / 4.1 MB
GP4 Builder is an ideal tool for those wanting to edit tracks, or many of Grand Prix 4's game files (supported formats are .gp4 files (but flashlights), .3ds files, and .wrl files (export only)). Check the readme for a full description.
28-May-2007 / Locutus / 4,912 DLs / 1.7 MB
Carset Manager allows you to use various different carsets with GP4 at one time. Required to download many new mods/carsets and updates. Download link to CSM page - download included in ZaZ tools.
04-Nov-2006 / ZaZ / 17,191 DLs / 4.1 MB
GPxPatch is a real-time extension for GP3, GP3-2000, and GP4 that includes features like official tv-style information, detailed on-screen race information, a track manager, a carset manager, extended save games, 3D sound, event sounds, internet play, taking screenshots, and more.
13-Aug-2006 / SDI / 31,331 DLs / 1.2 MB
TeamEditor is an all-in-one editor for Grand Prix 4, allowing you to edit many aspects of the game. It is the result of the fusion of CamEditor (Cameras editing), TyrePos & TyreSet (Tyres), TeamEditor (Performances), LiveryEditor (Team Management) and On the Gridline (Performances calculator) and goes further in Team editing and management for GP4.
13-Aug-2006 / Laurent Rousseau / 15,234 DLs / 673.0 KB
Allows you to patch files into every track's WAD files in one-click, unlike having to do this 17 times as in GP4-Master.
13-Aug-2006 / Laurent Rousseau / 17,074 DLs / 344.0 KB
GP4Tweaker allows you to edit (tweak) many of Grand Prix 4's game aspects. This includes the implementation of certain aspects of the 2003 season qualifying rules, cockpit view changes, and much more. Recommended.
29-Apr-2005 / 21,421 DLs / 254.0 KB
This is the successor of HOF2Lap. It's a game/hotlap file checker for GP3, GP3-2000 and GP4. Added GP4 support in v3.00
21-Jan-2004 / SDI / 2,392 DLs / 49.0 KB
LapCompare is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) for René (SDI) Smit's hofxlap, a hotlap file checker for Grand Prix 4 (GP4).

LapCompare allows you to view and compare hotlap/quickrace data. From now on no more typing in Excel sheets etc. Just open your hotlaps in LapCompare and hit the 'Compare' button on the toolbar! Opens an overview window for all loaded hotlaps with: position, drivername, laptime, gap, split1, split2, sector1, sector2, sector3, target (time based on best sectors).

In the overview window you can sort columns on split- or section times by clicking the column header.

18-Sep-2003 / Richard de Waard / 2,059 DLs / 35.0 KB
An editor and viewer for the GP3 3D files.
26-May-2003 / Laurent Rousseau / 6,020 DLs / 348.0 KB
Allows you to modify camera's coordinates, rotation angles and the additional LOD parameters more easily than ever, as every parameter can be changed with the mouse and results can be seen in realtime in the 3D viewport. Recommended download.
26-May-2003 / Laurent Rousseau / 7,339 DLs / 539.0 KB
A Grand Prix 4 carshape editor, recommended for those with patience and time!
16-Mar-2003 / Jon Walton / 5,581 DLs / 397.0 KB
GP4 Edit allows you to edit the performance data, extract & insert new textures and much more.
15-Feb-2003 / Marc Aarts / 23,192 DLs / 254.0 KB
This tool allows you to easily update the "records" in the game, such as the fastest lap for each track, etc.
19-Jan-2003 / Laurent Rousseau / 1,547 DLs / 293.0 KB
Allows you to use higher resolution textures in the game (up to 1024*1024).
19-Jan-2003 / Laurent Rousseau / 3,450 DLs / 239.0 KB
This program allows you to examine the state of tyres you have used during a race weekend, to see how hard you have been racing.
19-Jan-2003 / Yuri Kuznetsov / 1,913 DLs / 124.0 KB
A GP4 team tyre selector. Allows you to change tyres used by each team from Michelin to Bridgestone and vice versa.
07-Dec-2002 / Laurent Rousseau / 1,982 DLs / 236.0 KB
A Grand Prix 4 physics editor, allowing you to edit some of the in-game values.
07-Dec-2002 / Aubrey Windle / 6,213 DLs / 78.0 KB
A decrypted and altered GP4.exe that allows you to run the game without a CD, and one that also works with the majority of GP4 editors, excluding GPxPatch and GP4 Tweaker.
27-Oct-2002 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 16,653 DLs / 1.2 MB
Utility for backing up and restoring all the configurations of GP4, cars, cockpit, tracks etc ...
06-Oct-2002 / Luca Cantaluppi / 2,250 DLs / 1.3 MB
An updated driving model for Grand Prix 4, with less grip and edited physics settings, making the car handly "more realistically" according to the author.
22-Sep-2002 / Breadfan / 2,898 DLs / 1.2 MB
An editor to edit the failure rates in saved games (.CH? and .RA? files)
20-Sep-2002 / Alessandro Carrera / 1,212 DLs / 168.0 KB
If you want to patch the game with 3rd party utilities, you'll need this new decrypted GP4.exe. It also removes the CD check so that you don't have to insert the CD into the drive everytime you play. To be used for legal & personal purposes only.
10-Sep-2002 / John Doe / 21,840 DLs / 1.2 MB
An editor to disable GP4's black flags, adjust the pitstop time and to disable the CD-check. WHAT'S NEW, Circuit Laps Number Modifier, Jumpstart Realism Enabler, Force Feedback Strength Adjustment, Instant Pit Return Disabler.
26-Aug-2002 / Madman / 4,244 DLs / 50.0 KB
A freeware editor that allows you to change the final results of races in a saved championship season (*.ch* files). Editing those results, it's possible to obtain desired drivers and constructors standings, so it's particulary useful to recreate real situations (ex. Irvine - Hakkinen's struggle till Suzuka '99), or just to rebalance a season otherwise finished.
20-Aug-2002 / Alessandro Carrera / 1,955 DLs / 443.0 KB
New track camera positions for all the F1 tracks up to Silverstone, based on the 2002 season.
08-Aug-2002 / Wesley Van Robbroeck, Florian / 1,341 DLs / 732.0 KB
F1LapView is a graphical race viewer for Windows to compare races logged with GP2Lap/GPxLap. Now GP4 compatible.
07-Aug-2002 / Rene Smit / 2,103 DLs / 30.0 KB
A career util for GP3 and GP4. Updated to fix some minor bugs.
03-Aug-2002 / Giller Salerno / 4,493 DLs / 590.0 KB
A career management for GP3 / GP3 2000 / GP4.
03-Aug-2002 / Gilles Salerno / 2,159 DLs / 590.0 KB
A utility to increase the force feedback power generated by GP4. It allows you to set a level from 0% to 127% giving 27% more power than the default settings in the game. A must have for all those having problems with FFB. Works with both Grand Prix 3 & Grand Prix 4.
31-Jul-2002 / Laurent Rousseau / 2,347 DLs / 224.0 KB
Calculates race and qualifying positions for drivers based on the current performance settings. Ideal for helping change the performance of each driver.
20-Jul-2002 / Laurent Rousseau / 1,767 DLs / 160.0 KB
First version of the GP4 computer car setup editor. Allows you to change wing settings and gear ratios.
19-Jul-2002 / Alessandro Carrera / 2,250 DLs / 356.0 KB
Simple Microsoft Sidewinder setup that works with Grand Prix 4.
12-Jul-2002 / 3,153 DLs / -
This program allows you to set up the game to run smooth on every machine. It makes changes to the settings in the f1graphic.cfg to try and improve game performance.
12-Jul-2002 / Marcel Wiemers / 4,635 DLs / 2.2 MB
A Grand Prix 4 telemetry viewer.
11-Jul-2002 / Rene Smit / 1,499 DLs / 143.0 KB
This utility allows you to edit the performance data (speeds, horsepower etc) in Grand Prix 4.
10-Jul-2002 / Damien Legros / 11,891 DLs / 444.0 KB
A utility to allow you to edit the number of laps in a race and the computer controlled cars pit strategies.
06-Jul-2002 / Alessandro Carrera / 3,449 DLs / 366.0 KB
Track file modifier for use with GPxPatch. This program puts data that used to be in the track file in GP2, but moved to the executable in GP3 and GP4, back into the track. This version only works with Grand Prix 4.
01-Jul-2002 / Marc Aarts / 3,286 DLs / 390.0 KB
39. Fraps
Utility that will display your Frames Per Second on your screen during gameplay. Will also allow you to take a screenshot with the press of a key.
30-Jun-2002 / Rod / 1,894 DLs / 48.0 KB
This is the successor to GP3 Master. Allows you to extract and edit the .Tex/WAD files in Grand Prix 4 (car liveries/track graphics), this util may also be used to insert the new textures back into the game. Recommended download.
25-Jun-2002 / Sven Mitlehner / 30,257 DLs / 1.3 MB
A setup converter, which allows you to import/convert your Grand Prix 3 setups into Grand Prix 4. Recommended download.
24-Jun-2002 / Locutus / 1,503 DLs / 1.5 MB
Allows you to extract and edit the WAD files in Grand Prix 4. Useful for people wishing to edit the graphics etc.
16-Jun-2002 / Damien Legros / 5,482 DLs / 240.0 KB

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