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2010 Team Performance data bringing the teams up to date with the 2010 F1 season.
09-Apr-2010 / KTC / 1,793 DLs / 2.0 KB
2010 style TV graphics for Grand Prix 4, made as close as possible to reality within the constrains of GP4 code.
04-Apr-2010 / mclarenaustralia / 2,339 DLs / 111.0 KB
2009 season style F1 on-screen TV graphics for Grand Prix 4.
09-Sep-2009 / Gigi4 / 1,942 DLs / 160.0 KB
2008 Team Performance Data. Now updated so that the midfield teams are closer together.
02-Jun-2008 / tommichiels / 1,547 DLs / 1.0 KB
A 2007 season physics file.
27-Mar-2007 / Vazalm / 1,989 DLs / -
A 2007 season driver/team performance file.
26-Mar-2007 / Iceman / 1,816 DLs / 2.0 KB
A final 2006 driver/team performances set.
04-Nov-2006 / M. Schroeder / 1,100 DLs / 864.0 KB
Realistic 2006 season CC lines.
04-Nov-2006 / marianodc / 987 DLs / 5.0 KB
A set of 2006 season pit-boards for in-game use. Check the screenshot for a preview of how they work.
30-Jul-2006 / K®auti / 1,344 DLs / 543.0 KB
A 2006 track camera position pack, based on the real locations of track cameras in the 2006 season.
08-May-2006 / Mariano Di Carlo / 1,224 DLs / 2.0 KB
2006 season driver/team performance update, reflecting realistic performance data from the 2006 season.
08-May-2006 / Mariano Di Carlo / 3,793 DLs / 282.0 KB
A set of on-board camera positions as seen in the 2006 season grand prix.
08-May-2006 / Mariano Di Carlo / 1,200 DLs / 3.0 KB
A realistic physics set for Grand Prix 4, including many changes to the car's properties, such as RPM, weight changes, inertia changes etc. Requires GP4 Physics Editor.
20-May-2005 / Celso Cruz (upwards) / 2,645 DLs / 73.0 KB
Camera positions for Grand Prix 4 based on the actual positions in the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix.
20-Apr-2003 / Wesley Van Robbroeck / 872 DLs / 211.0 KB
New camera positions that match most of this season's viewings positions.
13-Apr-2003 / CenterMinD / 1,595 DLs / -
Real-Time racing for race lengths of 40% - 100% for season 2003 or 2002 by adding arrows back before exporting to the GP4.exe
13-Apr-2003 / CenterMinD / 1,775 DLs / 1.0 KB
New graphics for the "replay" logo and the replay controls at the bottom of the screen. Check the screenshot for more.
19-Jan-2003 / Duffer / 1,170 DLs / 64.0 KB
A decrypted no-cd exe for the patched version of Grand Prix 4 (9.6 patch). To be used for legal purposes only.

I am informed that this allows the game to work when there is a COPY of the original cd in the drive.

07-Dec-2002 / John Doe / 89,740 DLs / 1.2 MB
Another F1Graphic.cfg file that performs well on the author's computer. Make sure you back up your current file before replacing it with this one.
06-Oct-2002 / Richard Avery / 2,901 DLs / 4.0 KB
Thomas Stuhrmann's configuration file for Grand Prix 4, tested on a few machines aiming to give maximum graphics performance. Back up your old configuration file before using this.
22-Sep-2002 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 2,332 DLs / 4.0 KB
Author's Words: There seems to be a problem with Grand Prix 4 where the menus go mad after you have configured your wheel. It seems this can only be fixed when the patch comes out. In the mean time you will need to do this: Once you have loaded the configuration file up do not press anything on the wheel or the pedals, DO NOT TOUCH IT AT ALL. Use the mouse to load up the game. Once you have started driving you can the use the wheel and pedal. After you have finished driving, the menus will go mad again. You will need to use the mouse to save your game then restart the whole game to continue. Sometimes if you gently press on the accelerator pedal (Gas) or brake pedal you can stop the menus going mad.
18-Aug-2002 / Motorsportgaming.com / 1,969 DLs / 1.0 KB
New Onboard Camera settings with a "hands on wheel" camera for all 22 of the original 2001 cars. Also includes a closer helmet view and a new heli-cam.
13-Aug-2002 / Tom Hemelrijk / 1,709 DLs / 2.0 KB
A Complete update of all the 2002 drivers names.
30-Jul-2002 / Unknown / 2,066 DLs / 1.0 KB
New rear car lights for Grand Prix 4.
29-Jul-2002 / Thomas Stuhrmann / 1,809 DLs / 44.0 KB
Official Grand Prix for FAQ file released by Infogrames.
27-Jul-2002 / Microprose / Infogrames / 1,689 DLs / 208.0 KB
A GP4 f1graphics.cfg file optimised for people with a 1Ghz Athlon with a Geforce2 graphics card. May also help others.
17-Jul-2002 / Scott Wild / 3,965 DLs / 3.0 KB
This file is a decrypted version GP4.exe, and also allows you to run the game without the CD. Simply replace your current GP4.exe in the main game folder with this one. To be used for legitimate purposes only. Will not only work with the original version of GP4. Get the no-cd for the 9.6 patch here.
15-Jun-2002 / 71,341 DLs / 1.2 MB

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