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An insight on what GP3 is really like compared to it's rivals

By James Knopp
30 December 2001


Back in 1992 Geoff Crammond released F1GP on the now legendary Amiga. It boasted the most realistic Formula 1 simulation to ever graced computer screens anywhere ever and it set the benchmark that every other F1 simulation had to match. Soon the urge to move to PC became to much and a quick port from Amiga to PC was made. It was quick port over from Amiga to PC. Geoff added some little touches such as texture mapping on the grass and track however that was as far as it went. F1GP wasn't beaten until Grand Prix 2 was released. Included in the new game was a state-of-the-art VGA/SVGA graphics engine. This included texture mapping on every possible area bet it the scenery or cars. This is what people wanted. It was a big step forward from F1GP and it satisified everybodies' cravings for an up-to-date F1 sim. GP2 also had the most realstic 3D physics engine which boasted full tumble and roll. Included also was 3D sound, FIA licensing which allowed them to base GP2 on the 1994 season. GP2 was made precisly to the 1994 season. As with what happened with F1GP, people were blown away by the quality of GP2. Unfortunatly it was not without it's faults... no moving tyres and weather are two to name a few.

It would be another 4 years before the might of Crammond would be beaten again. Yet again he came out with GP3 and later on GP3 2000 which hold the crown of best F1 Sim to date. However beneath all of this there are problems. GP3 is a game that looks good on first inspection, but when you hold the magnifying glass over it, what were hidden cracks to the naked eye, are all too apparent. One big problem was that the step from GP2 to GP3 wasn't as a big as it was from F1GP to GP2. People expecting a whole lot more than what they got. Unfortunatly there is a sad reason for this and that is GP3 is heavily based on it's predecessors. A good 50% of GP3's code is based upon the code F1GP used. This has certainly not done GP3 any favours as it is quickly getting many rivals in this field. F1 2001 and F1RC are two games that have certainly started to give GP3 a run for it's money.

This article is going to explain what is the matter with GP3, and how it could be put right in GP4. However, before you start slagging me off saying that I've called GP3 a bad game well you can stop now! I'm not calling GP3 a bad game. In my opinion GP3 is the best F1 Simulation on the market, however there are features that could be better.

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