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Information on the development team for GP4, and what their roles are.

By Paul
2 December 2001

The Grand Prix 4 development team is split up into "core" and "non-core". The "core" part of the team is Geoff Crammond and his company Simergy, who develop the 'core' parts of the game such is AI, Physics, etc.

The 'non-core' part of the team, Microprose is overseen by Nick Court, but is equally important, and they are responsable for the graphics, sounds, manual, box etc.

Geoff Crammond

Geoff Crammond Geoff Crammond is the mastermind behind Grand Prix 1, Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 3, and now Grand Prix 4.

Geoff Crammond has almost single-handedly programmed all these games by himself. The main areas of the Grand Prix 4 that Geoff is responsible for is the AI, Physics and "playability". He also has some close friends who help him out in his company, Simergy.

Nick Court

Nick Court is the senior producer of Grand Prix 4.
He is in charge of the Microprose development team who are responsible for the "cosmetic" part of the game, such as the graphics, menu system, packaging etc.

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