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Microsoft have announced Rallisport Challenge for the Xbox, later to be ported to the PC.

By Team SimRacingWorld
24 October 2001

Microsoft has announced that Swedish game developer Digital Illusions is developing Rallisport Challenge exclusively for Xbox. Rallisport Challenge delivers a unique racing experience by combining four different types of Rally competition into one game: Hill climb, traditional rallies, RallyCross, and Ice Racing. Also, up to four players can compete simultaneously in the multiplayer racing mode.

The variety of race types in Rallisport Challenge allows gamers to experience traditional rally racing against the clock, as well as fierce, wheel-to-wheel grudge matches. Gamers will find over 25 licensed vehicles (with a few hidden surprises) from manufacturers like Audi, Citroen, Lancia, Ford, Subaru and Mitsubishi. Daring drivers can also take the wheel of the (in)famous Group B cars from the 1980s, which are now banned from real Rally competitions.
Rallisport Challenge will show swaying trees, animated crowds, animals avoiding your car's path, and realistic particle effects as gamers run through mud, dirt, snow and water. Vehicles will also show realistically modeled damage.

We are very proud over RalliSport Challenge and it is good to now disclose what we have been working on for the Xbox. All reactions from media shows that we have been able to realize our visions, said Patrick Söderlund, CEO Digital Illusions.
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