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A press release from Microids detailing Open Kart & Warm-Up!

By Team SimRacingWorld
27 September 2001


(Montreal, Canada; September 26, 2001) Microids, an international game developer, publisher and distributor, today switched into full gear with the US launch of two racing- simulation titles: Open Kart and Warm Up! Both games are expected to hit store shelves on October 22nd.

Open Kart is the ultimate Karting simulation as gamers reach 120 MPH while seated 4 inches from the road. The game offers 20 different and original tracks, established among 10 different countries. Graphics are extremely detailed, bringing the player as close as possible to reality with changing weather conditions and environments.

The game features an Arcade and a Career mode, as the driver must learn the different driving tricks and threats of 100, 125 and 250cc karts. To compete successfully in the various championships, the driver will have to identify the ideal settings on each track as he will learn the mechanics of two-time engines and different tips specific to karting.

Also, sponsorship management is a big component of the game as the money factor gains importance with the increasing difficulty level. Repairs and upgrades, mixed with good driving abilities, are needed to finish ahead of other drivers while competing in upper categories.

Open Kart is Force Feedback compatible and can be played in a Multi-Player Mode on a Local Area Network (LAN).

As for Warm Up!, Microids is now offering some of the most realistic racing sensations produced by a 790 horsepower single-seater. Drivers in search of adrenaline rushes will be pleased with the Arcade and Simulation modes, three progressive levels of difficulty and the six driving aids.

Warm Up! brings drivers through free-practice, qualifying, warm-up and race on 17 circuits around the world. Features like detailed set-ups depending upon track and weather conditions, fuel and tire management and artificial intelligence bring gamers as close as possible to the reality of racing.

Warm Up! is Force Feedback compatible and can be played in a Multi-Player Mode & up to 10 players - on a Local Area Network (LAN).

About Microids

Founded in 1985 in France, Microids develops, publishes and distributes video game software for PCs and game consoles throughout the world. With R&D studios in Paris and Montreal, and distribution entities in Canada, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, Microids currently employs over 200 people, 95 of which are based in Montréal. Microids principally develops adventure, strategy and sports games such as Far Gate, Road to India, Tennis Masters Series and Empire of the Ants. (www.microids.com)

About Titus

Titus Interactive was founded in 1985 by Hervé and Eric Caen. The company has quickly grown into one of the world's leading multi-platform software developers and publishers. Titus has developed a number of highly acclaimed games for both PC and console. With offices in Paris, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Hamburg, Oslo and Tokyo, the company has established an extensive distribution network. Titus Interactive has reached an agreement with Microids for the rights to distribute its interactive entertainment titles exclusively throughout the USA.

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