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Overall, if don't play GP3 all that much, it is questionable whether you should fork out the cash to buy the add-on. If you have the money to spare I would very much recommend purchasing this add-on.

However, if you are a frequent or die-hard GP3 player I suggest you get yourself a copy of GP3-2000 right away! The improved AI and physics make the price worth it alone; not to mention all the other added features. Although the poor graphics engine lets the entire game down, and there is still no safety car, warm-up laps or red flags, there is an awful lot of promise in GP3-2000 for Grand Prix 4, and this add-on is a worthy stop-gap in-between. I truly believe this add-on re-affirms GP3's position as the King of modern F1 simulations.

Rating: 85%


  • Improved Physics & AI
  • Solid crash debris
  • 3D EAX-supported sound
  • Up-to 45minutes of replay time


  • Suffers from graphical bugs and glitches
  • F1GPAdea not all it could be
  • Out-dated season 2000 data

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