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This is the first ever add-on pack released for a Formula One simulation. Paul takes a look at Grand Prix 3 Season 2000.

By Paul
24 January 2001

There have been no less than around 3 or 4 F1 games released since the original Grand Prix 3 was released in July 2000, but none so far have managed to steal its crown as the king of modern-day F1 simulations. So, does GP3-2000 bolster its position at the top?

What's different to GP3

Firstly, and most obviously, it updates the game to the 2000 season, so that means all the 2000 cars, drivers and tracks are included. This is nothing amazing considering we can already download the 2001 cars etc from sites such as this.

However, the features that really matter are updated physics, better AI, better crash effects, a new replay system, pit-crew communication, and fully EAX enabled 3D-sound.

At first sight these features don't seem enough to make you part with your hard-earned cash, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Just like Grand Prix 3, when you first play the game it doesn't seem all that impressive; the graphic glitches are still there, and the game still seems to lack an authentic atmosphere, but I guarantee you that after you have played for a few hours you'll love it!

Quite frankly, the improved AI is outstanding. The rival cars will now block more aggressively, will take any chance to overtake, and will not back off if you decide to block them while speeding on the straights (unlike GP3). I would go as far as saying that they are just as aggressive as real-life Formula One drivers are. It's difficult to put into words what the AI is like, but trust me, the AI alone seems to make the money spent worthwhile.

A welcome addition to the GP3-2000 add-on is the addition of "solid" crash debris. Basically what I mean by this, is when a tyre or front wing comes off it will now bounce off the walls, and when other cars hit it they will in-turn be damaged. This can cause some quite spectacular crashes! My only gripe about the solid crash debris is that the other cars make no attempt to avoid it.

Also, it seems the "roll" physics have been improved as well; cars now roll more realistically and I believe it is now possible to drive under a car that is rolling in the air.

The general physics of the car have been improved as well, as it is much easier to lose the rear of the car under braking you have to be very quick to catch it again or risk spinning off.

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