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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
By Ivanhoe Vasiljevich

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.950 miles
Race Laps - 65
Fastest Lap - 1:11.993
1st Split - 15.9 - 16.3
2nd Split - 36.3 - 36.8
3rd Split - 53.6 - 54.3

Track Layout

Track Guide

Accelerating out of the Renault-curve you enter the seemingly endless start/finish straight and roar past the densely packed tribunes on the left and the pits on the right. This is the perfect place to overtake other cars with hardly any risk at all, but since your top-speed isn't outstanding because of the steep rear wing, you will have to prepare a slipstreaming situation very carefully before you enter the straight.

With the foot set firmly on the gas pedal you rush under the oddly shaped blue structure and approach the Elf curve waiting for you at the end of the straight. Ignore the 100m sign to your left as you come closer and move to the complete left of the road if you haven't done so yet. Where is the braking point ? There aren't any distinguished structures nearby, so that you will have to help yourselves with the coloured boards on your left. Check out the light-grey one between two darker ones near the end. Begin braking just after it touches the border of the screen, or if you feel safe, you can delay braking until half of the board passes by. Brake to 170-180 km/h (106-113 mph), shift down to the 2nd or 3rd gear and let the car roll into the curve. Give it enough time to stabilise before you hit the throttle for good. If you manage to stay in the middle of the road after this first right-handed curve, you can floor the throttle for a very long time. For this reason, try not to drive to fast into this curve, but instead put yourself into a good position. Steer left, drive through the gentle left-turn and stay clear of the grass on the right. With the throttle still floored you drive through the long, sloping right-handed sweep. Don't worry about the squeaking tyres in this curve. The high wing setting will keep you firmly on the road.

Meanwhile you should have shifted up to the 5th gear and approach the Repsol, a 180 degree right-handed curve that strongly reminds me of a smaller version of the famous Parabolica in Monza. Brake to about 170 km/h (106 mph) (2nd gear) just after the "right curve"-sign and the white overhead placard. Roll/Slide through the first half of the curve and as soon as the red crane in the background leaves the screen on the left, accelerate and shift to the third gear. (If you are very sure of yourself and if you are in a safer inner lane, you can try accelerating a bit earlier..)

Rev up the third gear and watch the Seat, a slow left-hander, draw near. Again, brake when the red overhead sign leaves the screen, shift to 1st gear and roll through the curve at 105 km/h (65 mph) minimum speed. If necessary broaden the road a bit by driving on the curbs as you exit this curve. Gaining speed as you drive downwards, you can see the second splittime before you enter the upcoming strange left-right chicane.

Prepare for the chicane by placing yourself somewhere in the right half of the road, shift down to third or fourth gear and brake to an entry speed of 220 km/h (137 mph). As usual, let the car roll free until it stabilises at approximately 200+ km/h (125+ mph), then accelerate again while still steering left to avoid the high curbs on the right side. (Actually it often looks as if you will hit the curbs anyway, but usually the car swerves left in the last moment if you still keep steering.)

Shooting skywards you place your car near the middle of the road as the flat-out right-hander Campsa approaches. [ Middle ? Why not from the complete left as the theory suggests ? The problem is that the curbs near the exit aren't long enough if you drive through at full speed. Because of that the left side of the car often touches the grass on the left side and jumps wildly about, which is not a good thing to do as the next chicane approaches at 290+ km/h. If you drive a meter or so further to the right, the car will oversteer very gently and turn the car into the curve just enough to stay on the road. (Note that this alternate line works out much better without Traction Help. Also, high revs pronounce this oversteer-behaviour, so if you still keep hitting the grass at the exit when you are in 5th gear, try driving through in 4th gear instead.)]

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