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Red Bull
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By Ivanhoe Vasiljevich

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.703 miles
Race Laps - 71
Fastest Lap - 1:07.998
1st Split - 13.2 - 13.7
2nd Split - 33.8 - 34.4
3rd Split - 52.7 - 53.5

Track Layout

Track Guide

Now here's a nice little track -- short, with rather easy curves and sufficient space to manoeuvre between them. Lacking any chicanes, it is a good choice for beginners although it provides the advanced racer with challenges of its own.

Pass the starting line at 314 km/h (196 mph) and keep accelerating down the straight on the outermost left lane as the distance markers for Turn 1 whoosh past you at 318 km/h. Keep the throttle floored as you enter Turn 1 flat-out in 6th gear but make sure that you don't steer too early to the right or the rear will break away. Keep steering to the right until you are sure that you will not touch the grass but stay on the left side of the road since Turn 2 also goes to the right. Again, steer rather late to avoid oversteering and stay free of the grass at the exit as you use the very last centimeters of the track. [ It is absolutely normal that the speed drops by 2 km/h while driving through these two high-speed turns ]

Still riding the left lane, you race down a short slope leading to Turn 3 - The Martini Bridge Bend which will put an end to the long full-throttle drive you had so far. The 180-degree double-apex right-hander is quite forgiving to late braking which is good since there are no really good braking markers nearby. [ Personally, I brake after the the yellow armco touches the screen on the right and before the blue one touches the screen on the left. ] Quickly shift through the gears 6 to 1 and step into the brakes while steering to the right.

With this strong rear brake bias it is important to brake long enough to turn the car's nose toward the apex of the turn so that you effectively slide sideways through the turn while bleeding off excess speed in the entry phase. Also, you can apply the power very early and power-slide through the second half of the curve. Always try to limit your sliding manoeuvre to the inner half of the track as this allows you to use the extra space on the left for the acceleration phase at the exit. The minimum speed throughout this curve should be near 130 km/h (81 mph).

Shift to 2nd again as you leave this curve and move to the right for Turn 4. Shift up to 3rd gear shortly and look out for the sign announcing the slow left-turn. Brake some 10-20 meters before you pass this sign and shift to 1st again while trying to get the rear around. Unlike the curve before, it is not advisable to brake for too long because the car could get 'stranded', meaning that it won't respond to any input from the driver until it finds grip again which can take a second or two. Instead, give a few bursts of throttle to keep up the speed and to fine-tune your steering through this slow curve (90 km/h - 56 mph).

Rev up the gears as you emerge on the shorter counter-straight and cruise around the flat-out Turn 5 which divides this straight in two. Depending on your gear-setup, stay in 5th gear or shift to the 6th as you approach Turn 6 from the right side of the track. It may not look that way from the cockpit but this left-hander actually is a 180 degree turn and in my opinion the most important curve of this track because it is located between two straights that are longer than average.

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