Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
By Steven Mestdagh

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 4.313 miles
Race Laps - 44
Fastest Lap - 1:38.005
1st Split - 25.6 - 26.0
2nd Split - 53.0 - 53.7
3rd Split - 1:16.5 - 1:17.4

Track Layout

Track Guide

If you prefer, you can drive more than one warm-up lap, to make the car a bit lighter, but I recommend you don't waste any time doing so unless you feel like driving a new lap record. The difference is virtually negligible.

The start of a good lap strongly depends on how fast you drove through the Busstop chicane on your warm-up lap. If you did this fast enough, your speed should be about 300 km/h when you cross the start/finish line. Prepare to brake to a very slow, if not the most difficult corner of the whole circuit, the hairpin at La Source. Start braking a few metres before the last sign on your left. Shift back from 6th to 1st gear while braking, and don't let the car oversteer as you steer into the hairpin. You have to counter-steer a little in order to prevent oversteer. So, right after you steered into La Source, steer a bit to the left, but only very briefly! Once you are on the curbstone, you will know whether or not you made a good exit.

Now it's time to blast away. Accelerate downhill shifting up to 6th gear, and enter Eau Rouge, one of the most spectacular corners in the world. You can't see the exit, but still you have to go through this one flat out! Keep the middle line, don't steer to the left too early, or you'll have a slight wheelspin and lose speed. Don't steer to the right too early either, because you'll touch the curbstones if you do. Your speed through this complex should be 310 km/h, accelerating to 320 km/h as you go to the Raidillon. At this point, you steer to the right a bit, entering the Kemmel straight. Here you reach the top speed of 325 km/h (different top speeds will be reached when you use another rear wing setting, of course). As you pass under a small advert over the track, the first split is shown.

Note that you didn't touch the brakes, and you didn't release the throttle for some 20 seconds, since you exited La Source!

Next is Les Combes, an interesting right-left-right combination. You have to brake quite a bit after you pass the last sign, maybe 60 metres. Shift back to 3rd here. The strong rear brake bias will allow you to help the car steer to the right strongly enough, allowing you to brake later for this right hander. You can go fast through the right-hander, because it is quite forgiving, but then you have to go back to the left right away. Your speed will drop to 165 km/h at the apex of this left-hander. Make sure you don't touch the curb on the left, and go through in 3rd gear. Accelerate and go through the next right-hander at 195-200 km/h, shifting up to 4th in this corner. You hopefully left Les Combes in one piece and accelerate up to 275 km/h, in 5th gear, most likely.

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