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By Ivanhoe Vasiljevich

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 3.202 miles
Race Laps - 60
Fastest Lap - 1:15.552
1st Split - 15.6 - 16.0
2nd Split - 33.2 - 33.7
3rd Split - 53.2 - 53.8

Track Layout

Track Guide

Crossing the starting line at 280 km/h (175 mph) in 5th gear you approach the famous Copse, an extremely fast right right-hand bend, from the complete left in 6th gear. It is extremely important to begin steering in the right moment. If you steer to early to the right, the right rear tyre will drive over the slippery white-painted line denoting the track boundary, causing the car to oversteer a lot. Lifting throttle is unacceptable here because of the following straight leading to the Maggots. A wing-setup of 64/40 will allow you to drive through the Copse flat-out in 6th gear but if you are on your first flying lap make sure that your tyres are hot enough for such a manoeuvre ! This way you should then enter the straight leading to the Maggots at 307-314 km/h (192-196 mph).

Weave through the Maggots/Becketts right-left-right combination at full speed always keeping close to the inner curbs; this does not itself pose any threat, but after driving through the last left turn, the car will begin oversteering strongly. (If it doesn't, you just aren't driving fast enough *grin*.) Don't Panic! Let the rear come a bit, but steer to the right in time to catch the skid at approx. 260 km/h (162 mph). Do not brake, it is not necessary. Instead, shift from 6th to 4th gear. Because the track is so broad at this place, the curve is very forgiving. However, if you have to drive in an outer lane because you steered too late to the right, you will lose time because of the longer distance. The opposite, driving an inner lane, is not good either because you need some manoeuvring space to set up for the Chapel Curve left-hander which comes next. If you keep in the middle of the road in the Becketts right-hander you can accelerate quite early and drive through the Chapel, which leads to the long Hangar straight, with full throttle.

Enter the Hangar straight at 260 km/h (162 mph), pass the bridge at 23 seconds and take a position at the left of the track. Coming next, sitting atop a rise, is Stowe Corner, a double apex right-hander. Begin driving into it at full speed and then, while steering, brake hard to about 220km/h (138mph). Do not brake too late or you will drift too far outwards. Then let the car roll free until a speed of 180-190 km/h (113-119 mph). Shift down to 2nd gear doing so. What makes this curve so difficult is that you have to hit the throttle before seeing where the curve leads to. As a rule it can be said that if you drive 180 km/h (113 mph) at the middle part of the curve it is very safe to accelerate again. From then on race through Vale and prepare for the dangerous and slippery Club corner.

The sign announcing the left turn is a good reference point for braking. As soon as you pass it, brake hard but release the brakes before steering to the left or the car will not respond to your steering and you will have to slow down even more in order to stay on the track. The entry speed should not be higher than approximately 140 km/h (88 mph), driven in 1st gear. Pull close to the left curbs, accelerate (this will push you to the middle-part of the road automatically) and then try to keep close to the right curbs in the right turn. Shift to second early but take your time shifting to third. Because the curve is so slippery the wheels will spin in second gear and the revs will stay a long time at 13000 rpm. When the tyres grip again, the revs will drop drastically and then rise again.

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