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Normally the FPS (frames per second) in F1GP can be selected in a range of 8.1 - 25. However using tools such as F1Ed or GPFPS it is possible to shift the frame rate over the maximum of 25 FPS. This article explores the processor occupancy and effect of increasing the frame rate.

By John
17 November 1999

Why should I boost the frame rate?

Boosting the frame rate of the game makes a very noticeable difference when driving the car. Even an increase of 5-10 FPS can make a very visible difference when playing the game.

Another advantage of a high frame rate is that your lap times will be quicker, although I have no idea by how much. Below is an extract from the old F1GP FAQs:-

Using a frame rate of 25 fps means that you have 25 possibilities to perform an action (e.g. braking, accelerating) every second, whereas driving with 16 fps only allows you 16 "slots" per second.

Assuming that a typical braking maneuver begins at 300 km/h (188 mph), this equals a speed of 83 m/s, so that at 25 fps you can take brake every 3.3 m as opposed to every 5.2 m when using 16 fps. During a normal lap including many braking maneuvers, this may affect the overall performance, not to mention techniques like pulsing the throttle.

How the frame rate is stored in F1GP

The frame rate is stored in the F1PREFS.DAT file as the value of the period (the number of 300ths of a second between frames). The following formulae are used to convert the two units:-

Frame Rate = 300 / Period

Period = 300 / Frame Rate

Test Results

Period FPS Occupancy
60 5 01%
30 10 03%
20 15 05%
15 20 06%
12 25 08%
10 30 10%
9 33.3 11%
8 37.5 12%
7 42.6 14%
6 50 16%
5 60 *
4 75 *

* The game refused to load at this frame rate.

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