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Red Bull
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Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.068 miles
Race Laps - 78
Fastest Lap - 1:11.058
1st Split - 14.4 - 14.7
2nd Split - 37.2 - 37.7
3rd Split - 52.3 - 53.0

Track Layout

Track Guide

The Monte-Carlo F1 circuit, subject of many emotions in the past, is just like in real F1, the most difficult track in F1GP as well. It is very unforgiving. You can't touch the walls or your lap or race is ruined. Unlike with other tracks, the problem a lot of drivers will experience with the Monte-Carlo circuit, is that the walls are only centimetres away from their cars.

After driving your out-lap from the pits, it is recommended that you drive another warm-up lap. Take it easy, don't waste the tyres just yet. After two warm-up laps, you are all set for a flying lap.

Screaming past your pit crew, you accelerate up to a speed of 280 km/h on the start/finish straight. Brake for the upcoming right-hander, Ste Devote, and shift back to 3rd gear, preferably. Hit the throttle as you pass the apex, at about 160-165 km/h, but not too early or you'll hit the wall on the left. You have to 'feel' the right moment to start accelerating flat out, keeping the car just inches away from the wall. Shift up. 4th... 5th... You are now driving uphill. It's a bridge actually, called Beau Rivage. 6th gear. Always accelerating, don't get scared of the speedometer! Brake from 285 km/h to ... a few metres before the red panel on the right-hand side of the road, and shift to and keep it in 3rd. Drive easily into Massenet, fast enough, but make sure your car stays on the left. This is vital to enter the Casino well enough. Brake again for the Casino right-hander and shift to 2nd now or don't shift at all. Your speed should drop to approximately 145 km/h, while going through. Hit the throttle again, but mind the wall! This is a typical spot where your car can get 'glued' against the wall quite easily, and where you can DNF in race circumstances as one of the AI smashes your rear wing. The following little straight is the perfect opportunity to have a glance at your 1st split at 25% track distance. Do not do this while going through Casino, or you will make a mistake.

Now you head for the slowest part of the circuit, all downhill to the tunnel. On the little straight after Casino, shift up to 4th, and right back to 1st gear, brake from 225 km/h to about 75-80 km/h to enter the Mirabeau hairpin. Let the car roll free a second, and then hit the throttle, shift to 2nd and make the run for Loews, reaching a speed of 170 km/h. Brake hard to about 60 km/h. Make the road as broad as possible and use the kerbstone on the right-hand side. let it roll free, at 55-60 km/h, through the slow Loews curve, probably the slowest curve in F1 together with the new chicane they recently implanted in the track of Estoril. Just make sure you don't touch the inner curb at this point. The next right-hander lacks a name, it's just turn 6. Accelerate in 1st gear (don't shift to 2nd yet), but not flat out. As your reach the apex of turn 6, release and press the throttle. The effect of this is that your car will be better positioned for the Portier, and will not touch the wall on the left. Position to enter the Portier. When you take a closer look, there actually is some space between the end of that rock-wall and the next side-panel. Try to use it for a few inches, it all helps. Make sure you don't touch the upcoming side-panel, though. At a speed of 140 km/h, brake gently to around 110 km/h to enter the Portier. The best way to do this, is to take an inner line, stay close to the inner curb, but don't touch it. Shift to 2nd at this point. This is the easiest way too, because you can now floor the throttle again. If you take an outer line, you may end up in the wall or have to release the throttle again to avoid it and lose speed. Accelerate and shift up to 3rd... 4th... This is a good chance to take a look at the 2nd split, at half track distance, in the middle of the tunnel.

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