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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
By Dave Gymer

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.699 miles
Race Laps - 61
Fastest Lap - 1:13.852
1st Split - 15.0 - 15.2
2nd Split - 35.4 - 35.6
3rd Split - 54.0 - 54.2

Track Layout

Track Guide

You should cross the line at 158-161 mph; any slower and you will lose up to .2s over the long "straight" that follows, made up of Tamburello (the sweeping left hander where Senna died), and Rettifilo (where Ratzenburger had died the previous day). I tend to stick close to the left curb going round Tamburello and the right side of the track round Rettifiolo, but I can't really see any effect on the first split of taking a wider line.

As the split comes up, you pass the 100m marker and, about 10m later, brake into Tosa, a second gear left hander. I use the oversteer induced by the heavy rear brake balance to slide the car round to the left; just before the back end breaks away completely I slam open the throttle, making the rear tyres bite and allowing me to powerslide out, using the exit curb on the right to it's full extent. I hug the right side of the track as I go up the hill through the right-hand flick.

Next is Piratella. This is a fast left which is important to the laptime; I like to see the clock tick from 29 to 30 just as I leave the curb. I brake quite late, well after the 100m marker and just before the red part of the armco flashes by on the right. It's just a tap on the brakes; oversteer swings the car left and you should slide out onto the curb. Be careful not to get back on the gas too fast here or the car will slide too far to the right and you will hit the grass. Be careful, too, to pull left and get off the curb before it runs out!

A left-hand flick leads downhill towards Acque Minerale. This is a tough and very quick right-left-right-right combination; the second split is displayed just after you enter it and will be deceptively good if you enter too fast. There is a hidden brake marker on the entry; the armco on the right goes from grey to slightly darker grey, and you should brake the tiniest fraction of a second before the lighter grey part disappears on your right. Start to turn in before you finish braking but be gentle; too much oversteer will take you onto the grass on the right and launch you off the curb. As you enter the first right you will need to steer hard left for a moment to avoid the right hand curb, before steering hard right again and laying down a burst of acceleration as you slide out to the left and onto the curb. I find I have to release the throttle momentarily here to prevent me hitting the grass on the exit. Keep steering right and the accelerator wide open as you move through the last right-hander, using the curb on the left. If you feel in danger of going off the curb and onto the grass, release the throttle again momentarily; better slow than spinning!

If in all that excitement you managed to glimpse the second split. The second split isn't very representative of the laptime, however, so concentrate on driving!

Power over the crest of the hill and then get back on the left of the track for Variante Alfa, a really nasty right-left taken very quickly. I brake a moment or two before going under the yellow bridge; be firm but don't drop too much speed; stay in 5th gear and steer hard left at the earliest possible opportunity. You will have to experiment to find where this is but you absolutely do not want to touch the left hand curb. As soon as you feel you are through, slam open the throttle and slide out to the right and onto the curb, then move smartly back off the curb before it runs out.

After you've taken the fast left flick, get somewhere in the left half of the track or you risk oversteer during the tighter right hand flick that follows. Get on the right of the track after it and race down towards the double right-hander called Rivazza.

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