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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
By Ivanhoe Vasiljevich

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.699 miles
Race Laps - 71
Fastest Lap - 1:10.138
1st Split - 15.9 - 16.2
2nd Split - 31.7 - 32.2
3rd Split - 54.9 - 55.4

Track Layout

Track Guide

Coming up the hill onto the starting straight you blast past the grandstands on the right at 314 km/h (196 mph) and keep on accelerating towards the Esse do Senna, a slow left-hander followed by a right.

The road ahead looks as if you have mistakenly taken the wrong bend and ended up in a dead end but keep your foot firmly on the gas until you have passed the 100m sign and the white overhead placard by another 20m. Then step into the brakes and shift down to 2nd gear at a speed of 160 km/h (100 mph) and pull over to the left. Let the car roll free to a speed of 145 km/h (90 mph) before applying power again and shifting to third. (Listen to your tyres during this deceleration phase : If they squeak all the time and you end up in the middle of the road, then you have the right speed. If they go silent before you are past the apex then you didn't leave the car enough speed to work with.)

Steer to the right into the second part of this left-right combination without lifting throttle and shift to 4th just as you pass the apex. As soon as it is clear that you will not touch the grass on the left side, steer left to take the car out of the Esse do Senna into the Curva do Sol, a gentle left-hander taken flat out in fifth gear.

Rev up the long 5th gear as you come onto the Reta Oposta, as the back-straight is called, and take a look at the first split time to check your performance in the difficult curvy part you just passed.

Shift to 6th and accelerate to 310 km/h (194 mph) as the markers announcing the upcoming Descida do Lago rush close by. Put yourself on the complete right of the road and wait for the right moment to brake. 300m....200m....100m. Just as the last marker passes you, brake to approximately 180 km/h (112mph) while shifting down to the 3rd gear and steer left. (It is very important that you get close to the apex or you might find yourself in the grass when the engine's power kicks in again. If you fly off regularly here, try braking a bit earlier. As with nearly all curves the entry speed is not as important as the exiting speed, so you don't lose much by doing so. And in order to accelerate well you _have_ to get close to the apex on the left.) As the speed gradually nears the 160 km/h-range (100 mph), step on the gas again and watch the car push outwards as result. (Finding the correct acceleration point is crucial to this curve. You'll have to take the curbs into account and, if you don't use Traction Control, you'll also have to take the sudden yank towards the inside of the curve into consideration.)

Drive through the next left-handed bend named Laranjinha flat out in 4th, shift to the 5th and approach the awesome Feradura, an extremely fast right-hander that opens up quickly. Place the car on the left and stay in the 5th gear, wait until the 100m sign is well behind you and then brake for just a split second while steering into the curve. Try to keep the speed well above 250 km/h (156 mph) throughout all this, better yet above 260 km/h. Step on the gas right after passing the apex and scrape past the grass at 270+ km/h. (It will look as if you are about to fly off the track in big manner but don't worry, more often than not you'll stay on track.)

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