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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
By Ivanhoe Vasiljevich

Track Data & Statistics

Lap Distance - 2.28 miles
Race Laps - 81
Fastest Lap - 1:14.096
1st Split - 16.4 - 16.8
2nd Split - 38.2 - 38.7
3rd Split - 52.2 - 52.8

Track Layout

Track Guide

The wall-encased track ahead takes on a blurred look as the air simmers with heat and the confinement of your cockpit doesn't make it any easier to endure the heat and yet everyone expects you to give your very best and go for the pole-position.

Accelerating out of the double-apex-left-hander in third gear, you emerge on Jefferson Street and approach the starting-line in 4th and finally cross it in 5th gear at 265 km/h (166 mph). Blasting past the pits, you begin moving to the left in preparation for the slow right-hander at the end of the straight. Driving within an arm's length of the wall you clearly hear the echo of your engine as it screams at 310 km/h in 6th gear.

The distance-markers whizz past you and just as the very last one is about to pass you, jam on the brakes while steering to the right and quickly shifting down to the 2nd gear. [ Alternatively you can also use the 1st gear at very high revs to get some extra wheelspin and extra oversteer. ] In the late stages of this braking manoeuvre the car will then point inwards while sliding sideways which puts you in a very good position to step on the gas again and carry over your speed onto Madison Street. The minimum speed in this curve is about 140 km/h (88 mph). Shift up to the 3rd gear quickly as you race down Madison Street.

The next 90 degree curve goes to the left so quickly change the lanes from the left to the right and rev up the 3rd gear as long as you dare (usually 215-220 km/h (134-138 mph)) before you brake to approximately 140 km/h (88 mph) while sliding around the inner wall using the same technique as in the curve before. The speed will then automatically drop to 125 km/h (78 mph) (Since there is no prominent marker nearby that I can use as braking-reference, I wait until the blue armco passes by about 20-25 meters before stepping into the brakes. Alternatively, I wait for the moment when I can clearly see the small red piece of armco at the apex of the curve....) Pick up speed in 2nd gear as you exit this curve and run down Jackson Street.

Keep your lane as the next curve goes to the left and rev up the 3rd gear as far as it will go. (approx. 225 km/h (141 mph) Try to suppress the urge to shift to 4th as you will have to shift down again rightaway, so that you will end up with two extra-shifts which cost a bit of time).

Take a quick glance at the big brown building on the left and begin braking when more than half has left the screen (the roof has a small notch dividing it). Shift down to 1st gear as you enter this very difficult combination at 120+ km/h (75+ mph). What makes this part so difficult ? The first 90-degree curve goes to the left and is followed by a 90-degree right-hander with virtually no space in-between. This means that you have to change lanes within a few meters at a speed of 120 km/h or more ! What you have to do is to yank the car around in just the right moment. Use the exit of the left-curve to make the car oversteer by sheer power. While you keep the throttle floored it will turn towards the left wall and when are halfway through this mini-straight, steer to the right and be prepared to do some throttle-brake-acrobatics. What you need to do depends on your position on the track. You can tap the brakes for an instant to make the car oversteer more and lose some excess speed or, which is better, give a few bursts of throttle which can also help to turn the car inward but without the loss of speed. In any case stay cool at the exit of the right-hander as the wall gets very close indeed and it has a tendency of 'catching' the rear end of the car if you touch it.

Finally free of this tricky combination, accelerate in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear as you race towards the double-apex 180-degree left-hander. Which line you will be able to drive through this curve is pretty much predetermined by how and when you brake. If you brake too late and too long the car will slide too much and loose too much speed as the rear-tyres cannot relay any power to the road leaving you stranded at 85 km/h (53 mph). Braking too early obviously is a disadvantage of its own but since this is a double-apex curve, it may also mean that you will clip the inner curbs on the exit losing some speed again. The ideal line through this curve is on the inside. Brake to about 110 km/h (69 mph) in 1st gear and let the car stabilise itself after this brake-skid at 100 km/h (63 mph) before applying power again. Power-slide around the first inner curbs and gather speed in order to stay free of the second apex's curbs. (Exiting this curve in the middle of the road is good too) Shift to 2nd gear midway through this curve to reduce wheelspin and in turn increase the grip.

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