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The official specifications / features of Grand Prix 4.

By Team SimRacingWorld
4 March 2002

General Features

* Official FIA 2002 F1 World Championship.
* All Teams / Drivers / Tracks from 2001 season.

Graphics, AI & Physics

*Brand new graphics engine, featuring: -

* Hardware transform and lighting.
* Full screen anti-aliasing.
* Environment mapped cars.
* Environment sourced reflections in wet surfaces.
* Bump mapped perturbance (heat haze) from engine heat.
* TV-style timings, with ability to record, fast-forward, rewind and pause 90 mins of action.
* Brand new physics engine.
* Improved AI since Grand Prix 3 Season 2000.

Ingame Features

* Tracks developed using video footage, GPS data, photographs and more.
* Improved Dynamic weather.
* Full 3D sound, making use of EAX extensions. Reverb and 3D spatial sound. Brand new engine sound, pit-to-car radio & croud noise.
* Using motion capture, the pitcrew and marshals have become fully animated 3D characters.
* Induvidual car shape for each team.
* Now possible to look around in cockpit while driving.
* Usual car-set-up options.
* 3D pit garages, in practise and qualifying car will start in this. Possible to watch session action using an interactive TV monitor from cockpit while in the pit garage.

Game Modes, Driver Aids etc

* 5 "game modes"; Quick Race, Non-Championship Race, Full Championship Season, Quicklaps & Practise.
* 5 levels of difficulty, unchanged from previous games.
* Driving aids as before, but now including traction control and launch control.


* Multiplayer either using split screen, LAN (max. 8 players), modem to modem, serial link, & hot-seat mode.

Other / Misc

* Includes the GPaedia, which was included in GP3-2000. Video footage from Mark Hemsworth at Arrows. However this is now available from the in-game menu.

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