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The Formula Online World Sprint Championship first started at the end of 1999 after pressure from the F1GP community for the FOWC to hold races of shorter lengths. Therefore the FOWSC was formed. It is run by Wim van den Bunder because the race director of the FOWC, Shane Foreman, was too busy to run two F1GP competitions.

By John
28 January 1999

Below is what the race director, Wim, says about the competition in an interview I did with him:-

FOWC 98 was only run over 100% races. I thought that was rather long for the average F1GP racer. A few years ago there was a league LFRS (now for GP2) that organised races in different categories, so I said by myself:-

"Let's start those series again. I will organise it myself (Shane Foreman of FOWC asked me to, because he didn't had enough spare time to run two Series)."

The competition is very similar to the FOWC - running over 16 races in a year. However, as the title suggests, the races are run over a shorter distance that the 100% race distance of the FOWC.

There are three different categories in the FOWSC:
Super Sprint Championship - 5% Race Distance
Sprint Challenge Championship - 15% Race Distance
Endurance Trophy Championship - 30% Race Distance
Competitors can enter for as many of these different championships as they want.

The World Sprint Cup (the most important championship to win) only uses results from the 5% and 15% championships as the 30% was deemed not to be that much of a sprint race.

In the championship there is no qualifying, only the race, and you can modify the game files as much as you want as long as you don't set your car's BHP above 716. The only restriction on the way you drive is that you cannot use the Indestructible (F4) driving aid.

In March 1999 the FOWSC joined GrandPrix1.com as its first hosted site. Since then the number of competitors has risen and I am sure everyone agrees the competition is a success.

In my opinion this is an excellent competition for anyone who just wants a bit of fun racing F1GP and doesn't have much time to race.

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