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A list of FAQs for GP3-2000 with answers from us.

By Team SimRacingWorld
8 July 2001

Q: What is the GP3-2000 Add-On?

A: Exactly as the name suggests, and add-on for Grand Prix 3, featuring the 2000 season (GP3 is 1998 season).

Q: Will I need GP3 to play it?

A: Yes, the add-on pack will require you to have Grand Prix 3 already installed on your computer.

However, it is likely that it will be released in a "combo" with Grand Prix 3 for more money.

Q: How much will it be?

A: Probably about $20 (12-15).

Q: Who is developing it?

A: The same people who developed Grand Prix 3, the GP3 team, which is headed by Geoff Crammond who is the lead programmer of Grand Prix 3, and furthur products.

Q: What will the system requirements be like?

A: Because the game is based on Grand Prix 3, the system requirements will be very similar to it.

Q: When can I expect to see GP3-2000 in the shops?

A: At the time of writing, the release date is August 28th 2001.

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