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A GP3 specifications / features list compiled by SimRacingWorld.

By Team SimRacingWorld
8 July 2001


- Support for software and Direct3D modes of acceleration.
- You can set the frame rate and resolution from 512x384 to 1280x1024
- Clouds build, disperse and get go rainy during a race.


- Many camera positions, TV-style and game-style, including 10 on-board cameras and cockpit-view (virtual cockpit)
- In cockpit-view the head moves up and down when accelerating/braking
- Looking left or right isn't possible with the keyboard in cockpit-view
- Replays are limited to 20 seconds as in Grand Prix 2, but this will be updated for Grand Prix 4 later in the year.


- All the teams, all the drivers of the 1998 Championship Season
- The same 3D-model is used for all teams, but with 3 variations.
- Full tumble and roll is included. Debris has the same physics. It's also possible to completely destroy your car.

Car Setup

- 3 tyre compounds for both wet and dry
- 3 setup options, low impact, medium impact and high impact
- Front and rear wings
- Brake balance
- Gear ratios
- Springs
- Ride heights
- Dampers
- Anti-roll bars with full reference guide.

Detailed performance stats including:

- Speed
- Steering demand
- Throttle
- Braking
- Gearing
- Ride height (for each wheel)
- Suspension travel
- Wheelspin
- Longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-forces)


- All the tracks and all the races of the 1998 Championship Season
- Highly detailed tracks 3D graphics in both hardware and software modes.

Pit Crew

- The pit crew will not move around, but are animated in 2D.
- It's possible to contact your pit and get information on your LCD.


- 3 types of rain weather before race; light rain, normal rain and monsoon.
- Grand Prix 3 will have full weather effects.
- The program 'thinks' how much water is on the track.
- The weather conditions vary throughout the race.
- The ideal line will get dryer and dryer when it stops raining.
- It can be raining on one part of the circuit and dry on another part.


- LAN for 2, 4-6 players. LAN is possible for upto 22 players, but requires very powerful machines. Microprose recommends 6 players maximum. - TCP/IP play for direct dial phone connection. - No Internet play due to lag and FIA license restrictions.


- Technology leading F1audio including 3D sound.
- Sounds are all new.
- Microprose have been with Arrows F1 team for the last 18 months recording new sounds.
- Not possible to hear other cars or crowd however.

Other Features

< - Force Feedback is directly linked to the physics engine for ulitmate realism.
- Jacques Villeneuve will be know as John Newhouse as his name is copyrighted until 1999, so will be his real name in Grand Prix 4
- Menu structure is similar to Grand Prix 2
- Eight Driving Aids including Auto Brakes, Auto Gears, Self-correcting Spin, Indestructible, Ideal Line, and Suggested Gear, Throttle help and Steering help.
- Five Levels of Difficulty from Rookie to Ace
- Compete in Quick Race, Non-Championship Race or the full Championship Season
- Driving assists are much the same as Grand Prix 2.
- After a training-lap you can see a top-view of the track with diagrams like real F1 teams.
- Drivers are more 'human' (Better AI)
- There won't come an editor with it (like GP3edit)
- GP2Edit will not work with Grand Prix 3, unless there are a few modifications.

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