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A set of pre-release frequently asked questions.

By Team SimRacingWorld
8 July 2001

Q: When will it be released?

A: After years of waiting, Grand Prix 3 will be released on the 28th July 2000 in the UK, and Europe, the release date for the US is August 22nd.

Q: What season is it based on?

A: Grand Prix 3 will be based on the 1998 season, will all the official cars, tracks and rules.

Grand Prix 4, the next game will include the 1999/2000 season, this will be a seperate game NOT a patch.

Q: So this means it has the official FIA license?

A: Yes

Q: What will happen if they lose that license?

A: Hasbro have the licence from 1998-2002, so they will not lose the licence.

Q: Will Jacques Villeneuve be Jaques Villeneuve?

A: Jacques Villeneuve will be known as John Newhouse in Grand Prix 3 as in Grand Prix Manager Series. After the 1998 season he has to let his name be included as Bernie Ecclestone has made some sort of rule about it.

Q: Will it be as editable as GP2?

A: Nobody knows the answer to that, but you must remember that Grand Prix 2 was only made editable by people trying, not by Microprose.

Look out for editors on this site, for GP2 it took a couple of months for the first editors to surface.

There is speculation that Grand Prix 3 will include a paint program to edit the cars. If that is true, you will be able to download these by sites such as mine.

The chances are that Grand Prix 3 will be editable, just like most racing sims, but if it isn't this site is in trouble as to what to do!!

Q: Will it require a Pentium 4 to run?

A: No it doesn't! Read my system requirements page for more!

Q: Will it support T&L?

A: No, wait for Grand Prix 4.

Q: Will there be a console version?

A: Grand Prix 3 will first be developed for the PC, and then maybe for other platforms such as the Playstation etc.

Grand Prix 3/4 will be released on the Dreamcast, but using the 1999 season instead of 1998.

The next installment probably will be released on console, but it is unlikely that Geoff Crammond will be willing to re-program the game for them.

Q: Will there be a safety car?

A: Almost definately.

Microprose know and have acknowledged that this is high up on people's wishlists, and Geoff Crammond will almost certainly put it in the game.

Recent speculation says that there isn't, but Microprose have denied this.

Q: Will there be Internet multiplayer?

A: No.

Bernie Ecclestone will not allow Hasbro/Microprose to 'exchange' driver, and track names over the Internet... for free.

If Hasbro/Microprose bought a license, they could, however this is very unlikely.

There will be network support though.

However, Microprose have said that the Internet is too slow for Internet play, but they may consider adding it to Grand Prix 4.

Q: Who are Hasbro/Microprose/Geoff Crammond?

A: Hasbro are the publishers, who own the developers Microprose.

Geoff Crammond is the lead programmer, who recieves some help from Microprose's other programmers.

The team is split into 'core' and 'non-core'. The core is Geoff Crammond who programs the physics, AI etc. And the non-core are the rest of the team at Chipping Sodbury who develop the graphics, sound etc. Both teams work very closely together.

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