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Racing (cont.)

When you first see the graphics, they are not all that impressive, especially after some of the screenshots we have seen. But when you get racing, you realise they are not all that bad, and when cranked up into higher resolutions the game looks great. I raced around Monaco with all details on using maximum resolution (1280x1024) and I was surprised with some of the detail on the circuit graphics, like the adverts and buildings, it is very realistic.

The detail level of the sky is quite good, but it goes a little pixelated (as do the track adverts), when you are using the 'have reduced detail' option for hardware cards. The rain effects are nice; the graphics look good with the varying levels of rain, and look better when there are puddles of water on the track in which you can see reflections of buildings. The spray from the cars look equally as good, but I do think they should be a little bit longer. I do think the hardware graphics have been held back with the software support in the game, and should hope when that feature is docked in GP4 the graphics will be a little more impressive with support for technologies such as transform and lighting (T&L).

Talking of rain, if the weather then starts to rain, the whole way the race is run and thought out completely changes. Wet weather was one of the features that didn't make it into Grand Prix 2, but made it into Grand Prix 3 with a bang! The wet weather effects are by far the best I have seen in a racing game.

The computer decides how much water there is on the track at one time, for example you can see puddles with reflections of the buildings in, and at the same time there is a dry line on the track - amazing.

Another wet weather feature is that one part of the track can be raining and one dry, and also the rain can start and stop during a session.

Grip is reduced and the fun factor goes up, excellent!

As you will probably know by now, there is only one car model in Grand Prix 3. This has disappointed a lot of people, but when playing I ask whether there is really much point in having more than one. It would take up more of the processor power to offer only a little bit more realism that you probably wouldn't notice anyway.

The car model that is in Grand Prix 3 is not the best; it looks strange from some angles, but good on others. Although the car model has changed [from GP2], the way it is made has not changed from Grand Prix 2, because the air-box is still drawn on, instead of being 'real'. Still, the car model in Grand Prix 3 is not bad, and it much better than those seen in other F1 games.

The graphics and texturing on the cars is good, though some of the adverts on the engine cover are 'broken' by the car model shape. I don't think the adverts 'go' as well with the car model as they did in Grand Prix 2, but they still look good, and are highly detailed with the new support for 16bit colour texturing.

One of the main things in Grand Prix 3 that is disappointing is the sound. Where are the fully 3D sounds we were promised, what happened to the '18 months testing and recording' with the Arrows F1 team? Why are we stuck with a modification of GP2 sound that must have only taken a week? You cannot hear the other cars as they try to overtake, and when in camera view you still can't hear them, exactly what it was like in Grand Prix 2. If we pretend that GP2 didn't exist and GP3 was a totally new game, the sounds aren't all that bad, but not particularly all that good either. They are realistic enough to make you believe that you are in a Formula One car, and that is all there is too it.

The car setup again is un-changed from GP2, but with the addition of the choice of different tyre compounds.

You can still log and save your data, and see how setup changes affect the performance of the car.

It may be unchanged from GP2, but you need a degree in physics to understand it all! Really in-depth stuff.

So overall the racing in Grand Prix 3 is very realistic and very exciting at times. It offers a lot of depth and uncertainty and definitely seems a lot less 'linear' like Grand Prix 2 did. Sometimes you have done 7 laps but it only seems like you have done one, and with extensive set up options the sessions get more and more exciting!

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