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I have often considered the reason why F1GP is still popular and why people have moved on from the classic. This article contains my ideas and views.

By John
10 January 1999

What keeps F1GP popular?

The excellent way the car handles and responds is probably one of the major reason for F1GP's popularity. Some modern games (CPR in particular) are lot worse than GP1 even though they were written about 7 years later.

Wet-weather was missed out of GP2 - one of the reasons some people have stuck with F1GP.

It's a classic
It is the game that started it all. If F1GP wasn't made then we probably wouldn't have GP2. We might not even have some of the other F1 simulators.

It can be edited
F1GP can be kept up to-date with patches, carsets and software. This is also one of the reasons GP2 is massively popular - you can edit almost everything.

Processor Occupancy
On modern computers (P100 and higher) the game hardly ever reaches 50% occupancy. This means that you can always get a constant frame rate and no jumpy graphics.

No Adverts
There are no adverts on the cars or on the billboards because all the graphics in F1GP are created with using different coloured polygons rather than bitmaps - as used in GP2.

What has turned people away from F1GP?

By modern standards there is a lot to be desired from the F1GP graphics. There also no shadows produced by the cars or track-side objects.

In F1GP you cannot lose parts of your car - only damage your wings so they look slightly different. Also a mechanical failure is not possible either.

Lack of Editors
You cannot edit the tracks or cockpit in F1GP.

No car tilt
The cars in F1GP cannot tilt as they go over bumps, kerbs or hit other cars. It is very hard to make them leave the ground.

Poor AI
The CC cars are quite badly controlled. You can easily out-brake them (this problem is, to a lesser extent, in GP2). They also don't move out the way during an overtaking manoeuvre (I think GP2 takes this to the other extreme - the CC cars more out the way too often).

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John has written 36 articles for SimRacingWorld.

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