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A list of features for NASCAR The Game 2012

By Unknown
30 March 2012

Improved Damage Model; Less tearing
Improved Career mode
AI intelligence "improved"
Paint booth, minor improvements
Possibility of chrome wheels on the cars
Pre-race presentation
16 car online lobbies
More camera angles
3rd person camera angle will have a mirror
Online lobbies "much improved"
The counter no longer resets when new users join
Online practice
Online Qualifying
You will no longer instantly DNF when you run out of fuel. You will continue to roll. (Most likely until either you hit pit road, or lose all momentum, or cross the line to finish)
AI will serve black flags, just like the user
Multiple racing lines
Cars will overheat accordingly
Improved physics system
DNFs are in the game
AIs are supposed to DNF after a hard accident
You will be able to blow your engine
Pit road will be on the proper side at Watkins Glen
Longer burnouts
Improved smoke
Pit stops will be more realistic this year; Not as slow as they were in NTG: 11
Going down pit lane, the AI will enter much smoother. They will also no longer cause accidents.
Pit road animations work smoother
No dedicated servers, although the online coding is "improved"
AI Drivers will be able to use different schemes
Split screen has been improved; You can use your customs. (Possibly change schemes as well)
Expanded race weekend.
New practice/qualifying setup editing features
Correct spoiler design at Superspeedways
Spotter/Crew Chief Chatter Improved
Track Evolution throughout a race

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