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Zolder Juni 2010 : The coming weekend the world of motorsport has a first time ever. On June 20th gamers worldwide, sitting behind their own PC, will be able to race live in the official FIA WTCC race. They will take on the real FIA WTCC drivers, in the real WTCC SEAT Leon TDI on the real track of Zolder (Belgium), in real-time! This event is made possible by using iOpener Enabled technology.

By Team SimRacingWorld
16 June 2010

Unique cooperation between FIA WTCC, circuit Zolder, SR Sport and iOpener.

World premiere: online gamers racing Live in FIA WTCC race

After months of preparation and testing of the systems in training and regional races, it is finally going to happen. The iOpener enabled technology will be used for the first time live in an official FIA race. “We are extremely proud that we can offer gamers from all over the globe the option to virtually participate in an official FIA live race. And all that in real-time!” says Andy Lürling, Group President of iOpener.

With highly accurate satellite navigation and high-performance software algorithms the real and the virtual are merged. The iOpener Enabled racing game plots the real drivers real-time in the game and allows the gamer to join the live race. “It is a huge kick to experience the new competitors. You not only need to keep an eye on the guys on the track, but you continuously wonder whether someone online is quicker than you”, explained Tom Coronel of the SR Sport team. He adds: “the gamers all have the same SEAT Leon TDI as I have, so it is all down to quality of the driver”.

The Circuit of Zolder is the first iOpener enabled circuit in the world and therefore the logical place for this premiere. “We truly believe in this concept: it opens up the world of motorsport to a broader audience. It also allows us to make better use of the track without putting too much pressure on the environment”, according to Walter Goossens of circuit Zolder.

That the initiative is supported by the FIA WTCC is not surprising. “The FIA WTCC wants to stay ahead by introducing these technological innovations. Motorsports should reach the whole world but we have to take into account our social responsibility on areas like noise reduction and environmental issues. The iOpener enabled technology is a great solution for this challenge”, says Andy Lürling.

The race on June 20th at 13.05 pm has never been more accessible: spectators can visit the track to see the race and Eurosport will have a live registration. Even joining the race itself is now possible: visit www.real-timeracing.com and join now.

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