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Press release for official launch of Reiza Studios.

By Team SimRacingWorld
24 January 2010

“It´s an exciting moment, after months of work behind the scenes building and structuring this pioneering venture in Brazil” says Renato Simioni, co-founder and project manager at Reiza Studios. “We have assembled a very strong development team, with experienced developers from all over the world, and it´s a privilege to be able to work with such talented and passionate people”.

The collective strength of its development team and the invaluable links with both real-world racing and software partners allows Reiza Studios to have as immediate goals becoming one of the leaders in the field of simulated racing, and a reference for engineering and artistic excellence.

“Our expertise and focus is on the production of realistic PC games, but we are also in position to supply our services to the development of simulator software, ranging from driving education programs to sophisticated virtual reality tools for professional racing teams and drivers” says Fernando Oliveira Jr., who partners Simioni at the head of the new company.

Reiza Studios is currently in production of its first PC game, as well as a couple of private projects. The company looks forward to announcing its debut commercial racing game in the coming weeks.

Renato Simioni has four years of professional experience in vehicle simulation software, specializing in physics engineering for professional simulators and PC game developers. Fernando Oliveira Jr. has twienty-five years of experience in programming and software development of succesful products.

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