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A preview of F1 Racing Championship by Ubisoft.

By Paul
1 January 2001

F1 Racing Championship is the next F1 simulation from Ubisoft to hit the arena, following two successful predecessors, F1 Racing Simulation & Monaco Grand Prix 2 Racing Simulation.

Many people have been dissapointed with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3, and are looking for F1 Racing Championship to fill the space that Grand Prix 3 appeared to leave vacant, the space that will occupy the most authentic modern-day F1 simulation.

Not all that much is known about the game which will be released on the PC early next year in January, but from what we do know people are getting very excited.

Ubisoft have already treated us to some outstanding screenshots from Monaco, and from what we've read in the interview and specifications, it's sounding very promising.

However, Ubisoft will have to careful not to over-hype the game (like Hasbro did with Grand Prix 3), leaving people dissapointed with the final product because it just doesn't live up to hype.

So, from the specifications we can see that the game is sounding promising, using the '99 F1 season, the REVENGE engine and GPS technology, the game must be a winner??

Or will it be? The general feeling about the game's predecessors (F1RS & MGPRS2) was that they felt "strange". People found that the general feeling of the car in the game was not solid enough and lacked the firmness that Grand Prix 2 & 3 have.

If Ubisoft can rid themselves of this problem, and live up to what they've shown us in the limited information available they may be onto a winner....

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